20+ New Courses in Portuguese for Your Career

20+ New Courses in Portuguese for Your Career

We are proud to announce the launch of 24 new courses designed to help Brazilians advance their careers. These courses will help Brazilians obtain 21st-century job skills in areas like business, technology and data science by giving them access to low-cost, high-quality credentials from top universities in Brazil, such as USP, FIA, UNICAMP, and Insper.

“The future of work and learning are converging,â€� said Jeff Maggioncalda, the CEO of Coursera. “We see a high demand, especially in Brazil, for online courses that help people gain an edge in the job market throughout their careers. Many of Brazil’s top higher education institutions recognize this demand and are working with Coursera to make their courses available on our advanced technology platform that enables high quality learning in a flexible format that fits into people’s busy lives.”

Currently, over 90% of Brazilians take Coursera courses in English. The fact that only 5% of Brazilians speak English at the proficiency level required to understand university-level courses (B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) means that 95% of the population isn’t able to access the benefits of one of the world’s largest online learning platforms.

“To bridge this significant gap, Coursera is launching 24 courses and 1 Specialization in Portuguese in topics such as operations management, software design, finance, startups, big data, and digital marketing, among many others,� said Angela Romero, Regional Manager for Brazil.

Many Brazilians are already using Coursera to sharpen their career skills in cutting-edge competencies, such as machine learning, Python, and business. “I was receiving an average of 2 data science related job offers per week, from small startups to large investment banks. Almost all positions offered had an undergrad or masters degree as a requirement, but employers were more than willing to dismiss those requirements because of my Coursera certificates,� said Tulio Baars, a Coursera learner.

Below is a list of the courses that are launching this month:

To browse the latest courses and Specializations on Coursera in Portuguese, go here. 


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