2018 has actually been difficult, rough for us– Nigerian households


… Express their worries and expectations in2019

By Anayo Okoli, Umuahia; Vincent Ujumadu, Awka; Samuel Oyadongha, Yenagoa; Dayo Johnson, Akure; Umar Yusuf, Yola; Bala Ajiya, Yobe; Gabriel Enogholase, Benin; By Egufe Yafugborhi & Davies Iheamnachor, Rivers; Marie-Therese Nanlong, Jos; Peter Duru, Makurdi; Ola Ajayi, Ibadan; Chidi Nkwopara, Owerri; Rotimi Ojomoyela, Ekiti.

The year 2018 has actually been a really difficult one for many Nigerians as practically nobody was immuned from the financial despair that befell the country. It was lamentation from every quarter in the nation.

Saturday Lead talked to Nigerians throughout the nation on their evaluation of the outbound year and their expectations for the inbound year. A few of the participants hoped never ever to enter into the brand-new year with what they went through in2018 Others were cynical that things will be much better in 2019 particularly with today crop of political leaders in the nation.

A brand-new Nigeria is coming, states Fela Durotoye, ANN governmental prospect.


Mrs Catherine Onuoha, minor trader: The outbound year has actually been a really tough one for us. The survival of my household of 4 kids and the partner, an everyday paid labourer was amazing. There were days when the household was not able to eat. I hope 2019 will be a much better year due to the fact that “if we go through this kind of suffering next year, countless Nigerians will pass away.

Senate asks CBN to increase optimal ATM withdrawal to N40 k per deal.

Mr. Dike Uche Isaiah, a civil servant: Life in 2018 was merely hell. The employees, traders and business people are going through a lot. Those people who are civil servants were owed numerous months of wage defaults and if we are not paid the traders would not offer. So it has a multiplier result. It will be self-destructive to choose 2018 awful experience into2019

Miss Chinemrem Magnificence, trainee: This year provided a traumatic experience for trainees in Nigeria. Other than for trainees from abundant houses, those from bad and typical houses are going through much tension. A few of the trainees would go starving for 2 days due to the fact that their moms and dads, particularly the civil servants who are owed by the state federal government, might not satisfy up in paying their school costs not to mention providing maintenance allowance. The expense of living in the nation is likewise high bu we hope that next year will be much better for trainees and Nigeria as a whole.


Mrs Grace Obidinma, school principal: I have worries that 2019 will be extremely hard for Nigerians due to the fact that the political leaders will attempt to carry the majority of the funds towards winning election by all methods, consequently making things hard for the commoner. The truth that elections will occur hardly one month after resumption of schools is currently triggering worries particularly as lots of state federal governments are not paying incomes as at when due.

Mr Ignatius Nwadikwa: I anticipate more difficult times in 2019 given that the budget plan is no longer executed in such a method that it might assist minimize the suffering of the masses. Unless the class difference is bridged, individuals will continue to grumble about the space in between the way of life of political leaders and the rest of individuals.

The Majority Of Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor, Catholic Bishop of Awka: Unless the leaders reveal fine example by dissuading anything that may cause electoral malpractice, the stability of the nation may be in doubt next year.


Iniuro Wills, President, Ijaw Professionals Association (IPA Homeland chapter): The great deal of Nigerians in 2019 and beyond will depend mostly on the electoral options we make in the 2019 basic elections. The existing scenario is exceptionally bleak. It will stay so or grow even worse unless the electorate vote in qualitative leaders at all levels who can transform our age-long capacities to real financial success and social consistency through methodical and continual methods. There’s no other art beyond that to anticipate the method our polity and economy will go.

Eric Omare, President, Ijaw Youth Council: It holds true that the past 12 months similar to the previous 3 and half year have actually been extremely challenging for Nigerians and Nigeria. I do not see things to be much better for Nigeria with today status quo. I believe that whether things would improve in regard of the huge killings, kidnapping, financial difficulty and other difficulties to a big level would be figured out by the result of the 2019 basic elections. If today nationwide management keeps power, I do not believe that things would improve however if there is modification of management, might be, there would be a brand-new beginining and things might improve.

Nevertheless, typically my expectation is for whoever supervises of the nationwide management to take on the concern of security all over the nation particularly the northern part and the existing financial difficulty seriously. We should not play politics with today insecurity and financial difficulty.

Charles Tambou, experienced reporter: 2018 was a year Nigerians saw discomfort and blood. With the elections at hand and the hardening of heart by do or pass away political leaders, Nigerians must be prepared for more discomforts, other than the elections cause a brand-new government.The brand-new program might bring some window dressing to cool the nerves of Nigerians. The truth stays that if a brand-new federal government takes control of power, it will total up to old red wine in brand-new bottle, other than extreme and useful actions are required to revamp the whole system.

Amaebi Clarkson, minority rights activist: Security has actually been most difficult in the nation this year and I do not see it improving in 2019 being an election year. I reasonabllly believe there will be more security breaches next year. The only remedy to the upcoming doom will be a modification of federal government and most likely the restructuring of the nation as being convassed by worried Nigerians.

When individuals evaluate you by your errors, fixing it is a waste– Simi.


Bosun Adedeji: The last 12 months have actually been hell on earth for Nigerians, absolutely nothing had actually operated in the nation. Our leaders are just thinking about getting to power and generate wealth on their own and their member of the family. Given that next year is an election year we desire an overall overhaul of the political system. Let there be another modification however this time favorable modification. Our economy remains in comatose, there is insecurity all over, living requirement has actually dropped abysmally. Let us attempt another leader and if he likewise misbehaves we can alter him. No steady electrical energy, bad roadway network, no tasks, base pay can not last a week not to broach a month. Is it corruption that they are battling that will bring food on the table of the commoner. Let us have a favorable modification in all sectors of the economy.

Ahmed Oladehinde: The economy under this administration has actually collapsed. There is worry throughout the nation due to the fact that of insecurity. Task loss had actually triggered youths to enter into different criminal offenses, facilities had actually collapsed. We require a leader who has insight and prepared to work. Enough of this selective battle on corruption. Is that all that a federal government requires to do for 4 years?. Let us have a federal government that works not a vindictive federal government that still acts like an opposition celebration even while at the helm of affairs.

All this federal government does is a blame video game. We require a favorable modification, a federal government that will make things work, revamp the economy, stop all these killings and criminalities throughout the nation and make Nigeria a safe location for us and financiers.

Bolanle Owadasa: This federal government is attempting other than that some cabals have actually pirated governance. Corruption has actually minimized and Nigerians are more mindful with public funds. The economy is enhancing however the location I believe our leaders require to work more is the insecurity in some locations particularly in the North. They likewise require specialists to have a crucial take a look at the economy. The power sector requires enhancement, the roadways must be taken care of, tasks must be offered our graduates and living requirements of Nigerians must enhance.

Balaji Akindeko: Nigeria is not working. Our leaders have actually failed us. There is no sector of the economy that’s working. Al we hear is the battle versus corruption. Other vital sectors have actually been deserted.

The commoner can not even consume 2 healthy meals a day, incomes are not paid, no tasks, our graduates have actually required to criminal offenses to endure, no great roadways, medical facility expenses have actually made individuals to patronise quacks and they are passing away daily. We require an overall reverse in all sectors. We require a brand-new leader that is more youthful and more lively.

Enough of all these old retired political leaders, they are invested bullets, they have absolutely nothing once again to provide. Our economy requires to be dealt with, job opportunity must be offered our youths, our roadways and medical facilities must be repaired. We require a modification in governance.


Ibrahim Bappa Wiziri, previous Chaiman, Congress for Progressive Modification, CPC: I am positive that much better days lie ahead in the New Year for Nigerians due to the fact that of the financial plan put in location in the next budget plan proposition prior to the National Assembly. To accomplish the preferred improvement, peace is the pre requisite for any significant advancement, and for Nigeria to archive the preferred developmental stride we must discover to reside in peace with one anther regardless of our political, spiritual, ethnic or other divides.

Bayelsa East seat: Why I remain in the race– Wills.

Hajiya Fatimah Ornah, Former Performing Secretary, PDP: We must anticipate much better modification for Nigeria if the ideal individuals are voted into power. The ideal individuals remain in all the political celebrations and I advise Nigerians to elect the ideal prospects without partisan of celebration associations.

Mr Abdul Alikali, Craftsmen: The modification Nigerians require now can not be understood from today crop of political leaders in the nation due to the fact that politics has actually been taken as a do or pass away affair and the only quickest method of earning money. The National Assemlby and other legal homes must be operated on part-time basis to make them non appealing.


Francis Onoiribholo, Reporter: Next year is an election year and I anticipate all stakeholders, that is, the electorate, security representatives, spiritual organizations, etc to play their functions in the conduct of the election. I anticipate them to elect prospect( s) that have the capability and ability of moving the nation towards and with this, the nation will as soon as again delight in peace and development.

Miss Doreen Benjamin, jobless graduate: The Federal and state federal governments stopped working woefully in the arrangement of the standard requirements of life to individuals in the outbound year. All we saw were guarantees that were never ever satisfied. The year 2019 is an election year and the budget plan of that year had actually simply been sent to the National Assembly. My expectation for next year is for Nigerians to vote out this inexperienced federal government for one that will offer tasks for us to name a few.

Miss Rachel Ogiemwonyi, organisation lady: I see the year 2019 as a year of success and patronages for business people and ladies. As an election year, my prayer is that Nigerians must elect a President that will make life significant for them. I likewise attract all Nigerians to play their particular functions in making sure that the election achieves success and tranquil due to the fact that I do not see crisis throughout the election.

Mrs Imelda Osayande (Vice– Chairman Edo NUJ): Our prayer is that the year 2019 must be much better than the outbound year in all implications particularly in the arrangements of the fundamentals of life and a decrease in the costs of food things. I wish to see a year where the employees will be paid a living wage, a wage that can take them house. I likewise wish an effective election and I tell the political class to co-ordinate themselves effectively and avoid thuggery and anything that will thwart the election.


Bitrus Yohanna, organisation male: We thank God for the peace we have actually been enjoying in Damaturu in the last 3 years however we desire the federal government to check out the rate of food products that is too pricey in the market.

Hajiya Bilkisu Adamu: We desire the Federal Federal government to enhance the living condition of many Nigerians who can not pay for 3 healthy meals each day and manage the rate of products in the market in the next year. Everyone is discussing peace and security however they have actually forgotten that all these will be accomplished when a pauper can pay for to feed himself and conserve his household from cravings.

Buhari’s 2nd period’ll end youth joblessness, states Ngige.

Salisu Ibrahim, a civil servant: The federal government must satisfy the arrangement reached with labour by executing the 30,000 naira base pay next year in order to cushion the result of walking in rate of food things.


Azubuike Ogechi, Trainee: My expectations were not fulfilled in2018 The Federal Executive didn’t succeed in education. As a trainee of the University of Port Harcourt, I have actually been at house for the previous 4 months over strike by speakers. I anticipate federal government and its firms to perform the ideal engagements with stakeholders at making sure totally free, reasonable and tranquil elections. Federal government should prevent rigging. We are insulting ourselves by enabling vote purchasing, rigging or violence.

Greg Mohammed, Taxi operator: In 2018, the federal government didn’t satisfy my expectation due to the fact that the high self-confidence we reposed in President Mohammadu Buhari was consulted with high dissatisfaction for bulk of individuals. Individuals still state he stays a guy of stability and trustworthiness. Individuals are not delighted due to the fact that barely has anything altered for the commoner under this federal government. In 2019, I anticipate any federal government of the day to enhance the living condition of the commoner. Today, that is not taking place. The federal government of the day is enhancing lives on paper while the normal male is suffering.

Styvn Obodoekwe, Human rights activist: I never ever anticipated anything great from the federal government due to the fact that I understood ab initio that Buhari and his group have absolutely nothing great to provide. Instead of concentrating on governance, the federal government was more thinking about pursuing opposition and delighted in blame video game while the economy continued to degrade, bringing unknown challenges on the masses. As we move into 2019, our expectation is for federal government to listen to the weeps of the suffering masses.

Charity Emeriewen, Manicurist: I anticipate the federal government to end Boko Haram and ranchers threat. I desire much safer Nigeria. I likewise anticipate totally free and reasonable election to introduce a federal government that will enhance the life of the comman male.


Ezekiel Ntiem: Every affordable individual would desire things to be much better in 2019, my hope is not in any political celebration or leader however in God. Those standing for elections next year must provide on the guarantees they are making to prevent the rage of God. Political leaders must be sincere and truthful in handling individuals.

Thomas Mandong: With the level of modification seen in 2018, it will be even worse if the existing crop of leaders are permitted to go back to power. We invite this modification in 2014 and elected them in 2015 however personally, I truly are sorry for voting these individuals so I have actually chosen to vote them out.

Abdulsalam Inusa: Things were not truly rosy in 2018 however it will certainly be much better in 2019 due to the fact that the structure for a much better Nigeria is taking shape. Slowly, the modification we desire will be here, all we require is persistence. This federal government is attempting to fix the lots of wrongs in the system, they require our assistance and support, as soon as this federal government goes back to power, things will reverse for the much better.

Yuletide: NANS hails FG for across the country steady power supply.

Daniel Auta: A much better Nigeria will continue to be an impression up until our leaders stop the pull me down syndrome and deal optimum assistance to whoever is in power regardless of people or faith. If we have access to undisturbed power supply, small companies will grow and Nigerians in diaspora will bring their wealth of experience and grow the economy however as it is, I can not see that coming at any time quickly.

Margaret Dodo: I anticipate a much better year however it will just be possible if Nigerians will see themselves initially as Nigerians prior to seeing themselves from varied people and eliminate insignificant dissentious concerns such as faith and sectionalism and sign up with hands with whoever becomes our leader so that this nation can progress.


Uche Nnorom, Reporter: My expectation politically is that the coming election must be reputable, totally free and reasonable. In the location of security federal government must do more by being practical and not turn to propaganda. Funds suggested for the purchase of arms to combat revolt in the nation must be sensibly used. I wish to see a robust economy with a development in the GDP. Nigeria is presently ranked among the poorest economies of the world, we wish to see federal government making definitive policies that will inspect the drift in our economy so that the normal male would have every factor to smile.

Ter Ajanto, craftsmen: For me, my top expectation is that we should have a reputable election next year. I highly think that if we have the ideal individuals in positions of authority it will be the start of good ideas to come to the nation. I likewise anticipate that federal government will get security firms much better moneying to make sure appropriate security of our nation, due to the fact that it is essential to our nation moving on and making development.

Osom Desmond, trainee: 2018 was not a great one for bulk of Nigerians due to the fact that of the financial crunch. Lots of might not satisfy their requirements. Federal government must do more to take on the financial difficulties dealing with the nation due to the fact that the normal male is suffering. As a trainee I wish to see the federal government solve its distinctions with ASUU as quickly as possible due to the fact that trainees can not continue to stay in the house forever in a nation that is so blessed by God and all of us understand the ramification of leaving trainees in the house.

Andy Andera, trainee: My expectation is that federal government must offer social ameneties. Security must be provided more attention. We have difficulties of ranchers killings particularly in Benue state. We have a law in the state that restricts open grazing however ranchers do not wish to comply with the law. We wish to see the Federal Federal government coming out to state assistance for the law and security firms must impose the law so regarding put an end to the farmer/herders crisis to allow our individuals take part in their farming activities and enhance their income.

PDP ‘not a choice’ in 2019 governmental election– Oshiomhole.

Adole Paul, trainee: As a country we have actually refrained from doing effectively in the last couple of years particularly in the location of empowerment of our youths. Federal government should make it a leading concern to empower our youths to get them participated in significant endeavors. Attention must be offered to concerns of sports due to the fact that it is another method growing an economy. Apart from growing the economy, it likewise keeps our youths hectic and avoid them from entering into anti social vices.


Dr. Olapade Agoro, National Chairman/ previous Presidential Prospect, National Action Council (NAC), With the country indulging endemic corruption, insecurity of lives and home, Boko Haram revolt, fatal Fulani ranchers attacks which have actually left about 2,000 individuals dead, our leaders must take proactive actions to reduce these. I likewise desire factories that are working under capability usage and power generation producing at abysmal low level in addition to installing financial obligations to foreign financial institutions must be enhanced in2019 Federal government must similarly repair most federal roadways that are due for repair work and decrease joblessness and our medical facilities to be well geared up.

Senior Taiye Ayorinde, standard ruler: Federal government must make sure there is significant enhancement in economy, bring killings in the nation to an end and slash the incomes of members of the National Assembly. If the take house pay of the lawmakers is minimized substantially, there will be no requirement to start any strike due to the fact that the nation can pay for the base pay being required by the Nigerian employees. Likewise, suspects who were captured with arms and ammo must be prosecuted, and Fulani ranchers should be dealt with as terrorists.

Toye Adebesin, trainee: Supply of electrical energy leaves much to be preferred, the federal government must increase power generation in addition to enhance on facilities like roadway and simple transport system to reduce traffic gridlock on the highways.

Miss Appreciation Oluwafunmilayo Ajayi: Abnormality in payment of incomes must not be treated with kid gloves as it occurred in many states in2018 Likewise, killings and kidnappings must be minimized so regarding make Nigerians more protected.


Mazi Damian Nze: Business environment in Imo State, in the death year, was anything however great. 2018 can pass as the most damaging year for people, given that the return of democratic engineering in Nigeria. Practically all the sectors of the economy has actually stayed comatose in the previous 4 years. Our schools, medical facilities, roadways, civil service and the city government administration, remain in extremely bad shape. What is most uneasy in our scenario is that federal government authorities inform outright lies to validate their ineptitude.

Cartels accountable for Zamfara killings.

Mr. Joe Chikere: Some federal government residential or commercial properties have, through the instrumentality of today state administration, been transformed to personal usage. In 2019, all federal government home either taken, appropriated for individual usage or misused, must be completely recuperated from those worried. The people are anticipating having practical health, education and civil service operations.

Our dead city government councils must be restored. Pensioners, who offered their younger years to the state, must be catered for.


Deji Ogundaunsi, trainee: The security method in 2018 was bad, I was a victim of abduct and the financial policy was even worse. In 2019, we want to see a reverse in the economy of the nation. We anticipate to get food things at less expensive costs while the land borders that were closed must be resumed.

Akin Akomolafe, Professional: The financial policy of today federal government has actually not been outstanding. Individuals who are experienced about the economy are not part of the choice making, and it is impacting Nigerians. Though, security is a worldwide issue however more requirements to be done on the part of the federal government. We likewise anticipate a modification of mindset from the federal government due to the fact that the expectations of Nigerians are high”.

Ogunrinde True blessing, jobless graduate: 2018 has actually been difficult and rough for many households in the nation, particularly where the couple are civil servants. Incomes were not paid as at when due, the majority of our leaders are more thinking about improving themselves and the well-being of the citizenry does not make any sense to them. My expectation in 2019 is easy, the Federal federal government must finish all on going tasks in the transport sector, roadways and rail, total and commission all the power tasks, provide more loans to little scale markets and restore the fabric and paper markets, which will produce more tasks”.



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