2019 Elections: The spirit of Esau has actually concerned town


By Dr Ugoji Egbujo.

I had a chat with some youths in Orodo, my house town, just recently. Orodo remains in Imo state. The bulk of them were jobless and under used. We spoke about the coming elections.

They had no faith in any of the leading governorship prospects in Imo. They remained in the youth groups of the leading governorship prospects. A few of them, promiscuously, came from 2 or more groups at the very same time. Politics for them was some type of company.

They believed Uche Nwosu was the workmanship of an enthusiastic emperor. My individuals of Owerri zone believe it’s abominable to keep power in Orlu zone. Rochas’ Orlu zone has actually had it for 16 years given that1999 So even those of them working for the APC and for Rochas Okorocha believed the concept of Uche Nwosu was careless self extravagance by the Imo guv.

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They were reluctant about Hope Uzodimma and Ararume. They stated they didn’t comprehend their past. I didn’t wish to ask a lot of concerns. They stated some individuals, even in a Banana republic, ought to not be permitted to inhabit particular public positions. I advised them that it might be misguiding to swallow rumours– hook, line and sinker. They stated they were not trying to find saints. However desired individuals whose life stories, rumours inclusive, would motivate the youths. I quit.

They didn’t believe Ohakim remained in the race.

They stated they had actually seen Ihedioha. They would have desired the PDP to bring somebody rejuvenating. Ihedioha, they felt, does not have creativity. They stated he would resemble the rest. The youths looked disillusioned, they sounded bitter.

However there was a sparkle in their eyes whenever they discussed the elections. That sparkle didn’t match the cynicism they exuded.

I inquired whom they believed would win the Imo governorship. They stated it would be a straight battle in between the 4 leading prospects. However that sparkle of mischief stayed in their eyes. There was something they weren’t stating.

So I took them down the valley, to vote purchasing. I would like to know if they would offer their votes if they were approached, on election day. They sneered jointly at my lack of knowledge. They stated I ran out touch, aloof. They stated that though they were working for a few of the primary prospects however they would provide their votes to whomsoever paid the greatest costs on election day.

I wasn’t shocked. I was just stunned by the size exemplary indignation with which they stated it. They made it look that it would be foolish not to offer their votes.

So I inquired just how much they believed would suffice to get their votes. They had not considered it. So I inquired if 10,000 naira would suffice. Their eyes illuminated. They stated they would cost 5000 naira. However would keep track of occasions at other centres.

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What is forming up in Orodo will rule Rivers and Lagos. And might choose the elections. So experts and forecasters ought to take a cumulative deep breath.

I informed the youths that offering their votes would make them young Esaus. How could they so inexpensively accept one plate of porridge and quit their bequest? They stated they would enjoy to provide the bequest to any of the uninspiring Jacobs who provided them 10,000 naira.

They stated that their accessory to any of the governorship prospects was unworthy 1000 naira. They stated they made sure they wont get 10,000 naira gain from any of the prospects in 4 years.

It was a shocking discovery. Those who had actually sworn that they would never ever elect the APC since of their subscription of the proscribed IPOB were likewise ready to take cash and vote even the APC or the Action Alliance.

It’s now 5 weeks to the election. All over I turned, I looked for repugnance versus vote trading. I discovered none. What I discovered among the youths, rather, was a passion to capitalize the chance and make some money. The future they discussed was a high-end which just the abundant might pay for to keep an eye out for.

Today they resided in, their instant scenarios, they firmly insisted were too helpless, too suffocating and left them no such space. They stated, for them, tomorrow was constantly a little too far, a little too unforeseeable.

I understand INEC has actually made plans with the security companies to suppress the brand-new scourge of vote purchasing. I hope INEC comprehends the enormity of the issue. My feelers at the regional level suggest that the primary celebrations and their prospects are getting ready for a bidding war on election day.

If a lot money makes it to the ballot cubicles, then it would be challenging for everyone. INEC has actually discovered it challenging to consist of the scourge even when it carried out single state elections in Ekiti and Osun. INEC would be spread out thin on basic election days.

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The celebrations need to sign up with INEC in an identified battle versus vote purchasing. Spiritual bodies ought to sign up with the battle. INEC and the security companies will be overwhelmed if the leading celebrations have actually picked to win at all expenses, actually.



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