2019 FbStart Accelerator Program at NG_HUB for innovative start-ups and students (Equity-free funding & & & & Mentoring)


Application Due Date: June 30 th2019
The FbStart Accelerator is a 6-month research study and mentorship driven program for innovative and visionary groups vibrant to establish choices with advanced developments. The accelerator uses these groups with the support they need to build and improve worth driven products and match them with resources from Facebook and CcHUB.
The program is developed to support system in 2 categories.
Onsite Speed for Start-up Groups.
Established for start-up groups with existing products who have customers or are market-ready.

Virtual Speed for Student Groups.
Established for Nigerian and Ghanaian students (BSc, MSc or PhD) with working designs or the technical knowledge required to build designated choices.
Roughly $20,000 in equity-free funding.
Accepted groups would get equity-free grant funding to accelerate their choices;(****************)$20, 000 for Start-ups and $10, 000 for Student groups.
Separately support from the Internal experts.
You get access to approach sessions and support from our Internal Product, Funding, Legal and Worker experts.
Workplace and as much as $16,000 Free Product Credits.
Your group would get access to high-speed web and office at NG_HUB in Yaba while similarly getting as much as $16,000 worth of Facebook and CcHUB partner credits.
TGIFF, Developers’ Hangout, Mic Nights and even more …
The accelerator is not all work! There are a lot of routine satisfying activities that happen throughout the program.
To Learn More:.
Go To the Authorities Site of the 2019 FbStart Accelerator Program.


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