2019 ICFJ News Corp Media Fellowship for Global Reporters (Entirely Moneyed to Washington D.C., U.S.A.)


Application Due Date: July 7th2019

In collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, ICFJ is utilizing around the world press reporters an opportunity to participate in an innovative program that includes training on creative storytelling and supplies grants to support data-driven jobs. The benefit for the absolute best job is a three-month News Corp Fellowship in New York City City, where the fellow will get hands-on training and mentorship at the WSJ media science lab.

This program establishes on the News Corp Media Fellowship, which has in fact utilized around the world press reporters an immersive, hands-on experience in a few of the world’s most digitally advanced newsrooms thinking about that2014

Throughout.the fellowship, the press reporter will be embedded for 3 months in the.WSJ’s media science lab to handle a data-driven job proper to.the fellow and customized for the WSJ. The selected News Corp Media.Fellow will have the opportunity to handle jobs related to:.

Workflow and collaboration in an around the world newsroom;(*************)

Details science, specialist system and computational journalism;(*************)

New type of training and internal management improvement;(*************)

Audience surveying and emerging type of socials media analysis.

Prior.to the three-month fellowship, ICFJ will host a three-day orientation.in Washington D.C., where the fellow will get training and be.prepared to develop his/her own digital jobs at the Journal.

The program will cover all travel and fellowship expenses.

Requirements to participate.

English-speaking press reporters and editors with 3-5 years of journalistic experience and a minimum of 1-2 years handling details are welcome to utilize for the webinar– the preliminary action towards the fellowship.

How to Ask for the Fellowship.

To be thought of for the fellowship, press reporters need to:.

1 Participate in 2 half-day webinars performed.by editors and press reporters with knowledge in digital tools, information.journalism and visualization, specialist system, mix to.mobile, and audience engagement. Throughout the hands-on webinars,. people will learn how to pitch a data-driven job and to.establish a design. Webinars will be open to a select group of as much as40 press reporters and will happen on July 29 and 30 Apply to go to the webinars here by July 7.

2. Get amongst 5 news advancement grants to.support your data-driven job. Simply press reporters who participate in.both webinars are certified to acquire these grants. Jobs should.promote new type of storytelling, details journalism and visualization,. and individual engagement. Each grant recipient will also get from.online editorial training and mentorship from educated editors,. press reporters and details professionals.

Just.reporters who end up both stages efficiently will be believed about.for the News Corp Media Fellowship. The ideal fellow will bring.substantial abilities, a strong work concepts and abilities to the WSJ.newsroom.

For Extra Details:.

See the Authorities Websites of the 2019 News Corp Media Fellowship for Global Reporters.