2020 United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Reporters from Establishing Nations (Completely Moneyed to New York City)


Application Due Date: Friday, March 6, 2020 The Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Reporters was developed as a not-for-profit company more than 55 years back by reporters at the United Nations as a living memorial to the tradition of peace, development and justice of Dag Hammarskjöld, the 2nd UN Secretary-General who was eliminated in an airplane crash while on a peace objective to the Congo in1961
The Fund’s program for reporters looks for to advance a fuller understanding of UN considerations to reduce human suffering and promote peace; to support and motivate the journalism occupation, and to influence a strong and varied neighborhood of reporters who will offer voice to the obstacles facing their nations.
The reporters report to their media outlets on stories that they choose; no editorial constraints are troubled their work. They satisfy worldwide specialists and diplomats, communicate with experienced reporters, and make expert contacts that will serve them for many years to come. Lots of previous program individuals have actually attained nationwide and worldwide success and praise.
The fellowship program has actually ended up being significantly essential over the last few years as less wire service in primarily establishing nations can manage to preserve reporters in New york city or at the U.N
. The program is directed by U.N. recognized reporters who serve on the Fund’s Board of Directors, choose the receivers and share their knowledge by mentoring them throughout their time at the U.N. The Fund is directed in its efforts by an Honorary Advisory Council, which is consisted of ambassadors to the United Nations and other people who think in the benefit and goals of the journalism program.
Eligibility Requirements.
The Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Reporters fellowships are open to people who:.
• Are belonging to among the primarily establishing nations of Africa, Asia (consisting of Pacific Island countries), Latin America and the Caribbean. For 2020 just, the Fund will decline applications from the nations of the 2019 fellows– Egypt, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago and Zimbabwe — in an effort to turn recipient nations.
• Currently reside in and compose for media in an establishing nation.
• Are in between the ages of 25 and35
• Have an excellent command of the English language because United Nations interview and lots of files remain in English just.
• Are presently used as expert reporters for print, tv, radio or web media companies. Both full-time and independent reporters are welcomed to use.
• Have approval from their media companies to invest as much as 3 months in New york city reporting from the United Nations.

• Get a dedication from their media companies that the reports they submit throughout the regard to the Fellowship will be utilized which they will continue to be spent for their services.
Documents Requirements.
Please consist of all of the following files with your signed application. Applications WITHOUT the following files will NOT be thought about.
1. Copies of representative choices of your work, such as paper clippings, audio tapes, video tapes or web submissions. The choices should be work produced in 2019 or 2020– not previously. Entries with insight and creativity will be thought about most positively. Investigative work is welcome.
Candidates do not need to compose reports in English. French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian are appropriate. For paper clippings not in English, consist of an English translation or summary.
If the reports you want to send with your application are published on the Web, please offer the url addresses.
• For audio tape and video tape submissions, consist of a written transcription or a summary in English, even if the originals remain in English.
• Video submissions ought to remain in DVD or CD (ideally NTSC) format. Radio candidates ought to send out a CD with MP3 formatted files.
2. Signed letters from 2 people who monitored you and can discuss your journalism experience and certifications.
3. Recommendation of the Fellowship application from the editor or director of the wire service that currently uses you. This recommendation should be initially signed and ought to:.
• Grant you a leave of lack from your present tasks in case you are granted a fellowship.
• Accepts continue paying you for your services throughout the regard to the Fellowship and accepts utilize the reports you submit from the U.N.
• States prepares for utilizing the reports you submit throughout the fellowship.
4. Summary declaration. On a different sheet of paper, describe in not less than 300 words why you are obtaining this Fellowship and what you anticipate to get from the experience.
5. 2 current pictures (passport size or bigger). Location these images in a different safe and secure envelope and attach them to the front of your application. Do not essential the images straight to the application.
6. A copy of your passport. Applications without a passport will NOT be thought about.
KEEP IN MIND: Candidates and/or their companies are needed to offer devices essential for the candidates to effectively and efficiently report from the United Nations. Such devices must consist of a laptop computer or laptop, digital video camera (if proper), audio/visual recording and devices required for transmission, specifically for TELEVISION. Chosen reporters should be prepared technically to submit their newspaper article over WIFI, whether broadcast or print, and get here with a computer system allowed for WIFI.
You MUST CONSIST OF ALL essential documents as detailed in the Eligibility and Documents Requirements with your application.
CLICK ON THIS LINK for the application in Word format.
CLICK ON THIS LINK for the application in PDF format (needs Adobe Reader, totally free download).
An initially finished AND signed application, together with all 6 (6) of the Documents Requirements, ought to be sent out by postal or carrier service (such as DHL, FedEx, Airborne) to:.
Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Reporters512 Northampton Street, No. 124 AEdwardsville, PA 18704 U.S.A..
Concerns can be directed to:[email protected]
To learn more:.
Check Out the Authorities Web Page of the 2020 United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Fund.


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