5 Reasons to Get Your Masters in Accounting on Coursera

5 Reasons to Get Your Masters in Accounting on Coursera

You can now earn your Masters in Accounting degree on Coursera through our partner The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The University of Illinois Master of Science in Accountancy is ranked among the nation’s top two accounting programs. It is completely online, affordable, and taught by some of the best accountancy faculty in the world. Aside from hands-on practice, the program provides innovative curriculum and leading analytics. Discover why you should apply to earn your Master of Science in Accountancy degree online now:

1. Connect with Accounting Leaders

The University of Illinois’ accounting program is ranked in the top two by US News & World Report and the Public Accounting Report. UIUC MSA alumni are leaders in the accountancy profession and represent the highest concentration of partners in the Big-Four CPA firms and more CFOs in Fortune 500 corporations than any other academic institution. Graduates will benefit from the strong alumni base during their post degree job search in accounting.

2. Get your MSA Anywhere   

The iMSA is a 100% online Master of Science in Accounting degree program from the University of Illinois. You’ll earn the same Master’s degree that you would on campus, with the added flexibility of being able to study anywhere, anytime. 

3. CPA Ready

The iMSA helps prepare you to sit for the CPA exam in any state and the first-time pass rate of Illinois graduates is among the nation’s highest. In many states, earning a CPA license requires 150 hours of education, and you’ll be able to fulfill these requirements through the program. The iMSA also offers a CPA preparation course in partnership with Gleim CPA Review.

4. Build Cutting-Edge Skills

Taught by the top-ranked accountancy faculty in the world, the iMSA program includes innovative curriculum that evolves to keep pace with the business world. You’ll build your expertise in cutting-edge data analytics, financial reporting, managerial decision-making, audit and control, and US federal taxation. Develop data skills to predict trends and drive business outcomes in an increasingly data-driven world.

5. Affordable Excellence

At tuition well below other top accountancy programs, the iMSA is one of the most affordable gateways to one of the fastest growing occupations in the world. The total program cost is approximately $30,000. Complete the degree in as few as four semesters (18 months) or as many as eight semesters (36 months). There are also options for taking non-credit or for-credit courses without enrolling in the full degree program.

Apply by December 4th: http://bit.ly/2ztyzWI

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