A Day In The Life Of An English Trainee

A Day In The Life Of An English Trainee

It’s popular that arts and liberal arts trainees have, for much better or for even worse, really couple of contact hours. That stated, I reckon English could offer the rest a run for their cash in the ‘what’s a lecture?’ league table. Certainly, life as a third-year English trainee includes mindful management of my own time and breaking on with reading and huge tasks like the argumentation. With that in mind, here are a few of the important things I get up to in a typical day.

Checking Out

After an 8: 30 am alarm, I’ll frequently begin my day with an hour.
of checking out the texts for my course. In addition to a terrific method to delay really.
rising, it is necessary that I make development through the reading.
list prior to texts are needed for essays or tutorials. Fortunately, I truly like.
my modules this year so the reading is pleasurable along with efficient.
Presently, I’m making my method through Patricia Highsmith’s ‘The Talented Mr.

A little choice of my argumentation reading

Lecture and.

On a typical day I may have one lecture or tutorial, or.
possibly a two-hour workshop for my Ballads and Popular Love unique subject.
Today, for instance, I made the familiar journey to Elvet Riverside for an American.
Fiction Lecture on Huckleberry Finn. As a basic guideline, I choose to bear in mind.
by hand and review them later on in the house. Regrettably, the English Department.
has actually decided to not use up the brand-new Lecture Capture system so great notes are.


Typically, I’ll invest a great part of my day on my part-time tasks. Presently, I aid with the interaction of Lecture Capture ( likewise styled ‘Repetition’) to trainees. I likewise have an internship with the Durham Uni Marketing Department, who are presently promoting for Bloggers, Vloggers and Instagram by means of the student employment service.

Usually, this work will use up 4-6 hours a week and is a terrific method to contribute to my CV and have a modification of scene from books and essays.

beyond Durham

Another essential part of my last year is thinking of life.
after university. I’ll frequently invest 15 minutes a day looking for jobs in.
locations I have an interest in or shooting off applications with my fingers crossed.


After hours sitting at my desk, it’s constantly excellent to get some workout at cross-country training. Every Tuesday and Thursday night I head down to Maiden Castle for some gruelling running drills in preparation for the next competitors.

As soon as house, I’ll have supper and overtake my housemates. Unless we have actually got a night out prepared, I usually intend to be in bed for 11, however late-night essay writing can constantly obstruct!

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Alex Hewitt

I’m Alex, a 3rd year English trainee at Grey College, initially from Bedfordshire. Up until now at Durham I have actually been included with composing for Palatinate and The Bubble along with offering with Trainee Neighborhood Action and assisting to promote their great tasks. I’m likewise an eager runner and you’ll discover me taking on Durham’s hills.

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