A story of Ugly Vegetables and fruit

A story of Ugly Vegetables and fruit

Did you understand that approximately 20% to 40% of vegetables and fruit in the UK, get disposed of prior to they reach grocery stores since of their ‘awful’ look? Yet, they are completely healthy and delicious to consume in spite of their visual flaws! Figured out to make a distinction and alter the preconception around wonky vegetables and fruit, The Ugly Fruit Group was produced.

We are an Enactus task. Enactus Durham is a student-led organisation that offers the chance for you to take part in real-world tasks, both in your area and worldwide. Their tasks empower individuals to enhance their own lives and others in their neighborhoods through sustainable development. Through the Ugly Fruit Group, we intend to influence individuals in the Durham City and Hartlepool location to decrease food waste. We work to resolve 3 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Advancements Objectives, specifically, to motivate sustainable intake, get rid of food insecurity and promote a much healthier way of life, especially amongst trainees.

How do we do this?

Presently, we’re gathering vegetables and fruit that would have been predestined for the bin, from huge providers such as Tesco, Aldi and Holland (the provider of Durham University). Out of our weekly collection, we turn the extremely ripe vegetables and fruit into healthy treats for our stall on Durham University school. Wonky apples, brown bananas and past-their-date cabbages are developed into delicious apple chips, flavoursome banana bread and vibrant kimchi! We likewise produce citrus compote, satsuma marmalade, banana chips and apple compote. These tasty treats, for which we ask a minimum contribution, assist us increase the presence of our task and raise awareness of preventable waste.

Our very first stall offering goodies on the 31 st of January 2020

The completely ripe vegetables and fruits are contributed to Hartlepool Food Bank to supplement the offering of emergency situation food products for those dealing with food insecurity with fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables. In supplement to this, with the contributions from the sale of fruit treats, we desire arrange and run cooking workshops, competitors and coffee early mornings in assistance of the food bank and its users. We intend to impact social modification among households in denied neighborhoods with a specific concentrate on households with kids.

Other tasks we want is to run a routine.
stall in Durham city, market our items to regional stores and guarantee we are 100%.
absolutely no waste by recycling any vegetables and fruit stays (like apple cores) to.

Come and fulfill us

We have 2 upcoming stalls at the DSU Eco-Festival, Saturday 8 February, and DUSVO Soul night, Saturday 15 February We ‘d enjoy to fulfill you, undertake of our items along with inform you more about our awful vegetables and fruit experiences!

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In the meantime, we’ll continue establishing our task and bobbing along to a vegetables and fruit playlist on Spotify … most likely, on our method to the Billy B.

Elisabetta Sakiotis

I am a fourth-year Viewpoint, Politics and Economics trainee from St. Aidan’s College. I signed up with The Ugly Fruit Group this year, after returning from a year abroad. I delight in taking a trip, checking out and being taken part in Durham University’s trainee neighborhood.