Action strategy to increase ‘pay-off’ from Horizon 2020


The Danish ministry of college and science has actually released a nationwide action strategy to protect increased Danish involvement in the European Union research study program Horizon 2020 and the 2021-27 Horizon Europe program and a greater share of planner functions in consortia.
” With this strategy we are releasing a variety of concrete counselling activities and analyses. The strategy is to protect a great repayment from the Horizon 2020 research study program and, as a little nation, to take part in the European research study frontline together with the larger nations in Europe, with regard to research study, skill and ingenious concepts, ” Minister of College and Science Tommy Ahlers stated at the launch in November.
The Danish involvement in Horizon 2020 from 2014 up until completion of 2017 is the 2nd finest determined in repayment per resident, with 1,816 Danish involvements in 1,336 research study tasks moneyed by Horizon 2020, with an overall of DKK1.4 billion (US$214 million) each year moneyed to Danish individuals in the program.
The 19- point action strategy is arranged in 4 overarching aspirations:.

The quality of Danish applications to Horizon 2020 will be considerably raised.

More Danes will take part.

Danes will play a more main function in the consortia as planners.

The Danish nationwide coordination of EU public-public collaborations will be enhanced.

The action strategy will be collaborated by the Danish Firm for Science and College (SFU) in the ministry.
The strategy includes 19 brand-new efforts and 8 suggestions and is based upon 2 analyses performed in 2017– a mid-way examination of Danish involvement in Horizon 2020 and a mapping and analysis of Danish involvement in the EU public-public collaborations– plus a a great deal of discussion conferences with stakeholders in the very first half of2018
European Research Study Council and Marie Curie grants.
A number of procedures are proposed to reinforce Danish involvement in the European Research Study Council (ERC) program and the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions.
Denmark is presently the fourth-best entertainer in the ERC program if determined as payment got per resident, after Switzerland, the Netherlands and Israel.
An unique analysis will be carried out on the Israeli experiences with the ERC, the report states, considering that the mid-way examination of the Horizon 2020 program discovered that 9 out of the top 10 recipient nations, consisting of Denmark, are getting typically 2 to 3 ERC grants per extremely mentioned scientist, while Israel is getting15
The SFU has actually for that reason asked the Danish development attaché in Israel to carry out an analysis of the Israelis ‘ success in the ERC program, making suggestions for Danish scientists.
The Marie Sklodowska-Curie movement program, and significantly the specific grants part hosting young checking out scientists in Denmark and Danes at organizations in the EU, has actually been a fantastic success for Denmark over the very first part of Horizon 2020, bringing Denmark to a leading position in regards to the variety of Marie Curie (MC) grants per resident and to number 7 determined in quantity of moneying gotten.
Among the factors for this success is that the University of Copenhagen got 163 specific MC grants in Horizon 2020 by mid-way, which has actually been discussed by the university’s tactical financial investment in so-called ‘master classes ‘ throughout all professors, mobilising the individuals to make an application for specific MC grants throughout their involvement under assistance of clinical personnel and administrative professionals on the MC program.
More Danes as planners.
Since March 2018 Danes had actually taken part in 738 Horizon 2020 collective tasks, collaborating 15% of these. In specific, in the Marie Curie Preliminary Training Networks (ITNs), Danish coordination is high (29% of ITNs in which Danish universities were taking part), while the coordination in Research study and Development Actions is lower (11%).
The action strategy for this reason will schedule an annual ‘planner conference ‘, with possible Danish planners of Horizon 2020 consortia conference with Danish planners of such consortia to gain from their experiences.
The nationwide action strategy includes a timeline for the 19 activities arranged, a lot of which are currently continuous, with a top-level conference with the SFU tactical referral group for Horizon 2020 and the Development Fund Denmark’s Strategic Board of advisers having actually been offered an unique required to prepare for the transfer of activities from the Horizon 2020 program to Horizon Europe (2021-27).
Financing catch.
Nevertheless, Jesper Langergaard, director of Universities Denmark, the Danish rectors ‘ conference, stated the financing does not total up to a repayment for universities since for each euro acquired from Horizon 2020, the sector loses one euro in financing from the federal government.
Langergaard informed University World News that Danish universities ‘ excellent performance history when it pertains to taking part in Horizon 2020 is “very favorable as European partnership in research study and development is extremely essential– not just for the specific scientists, however likewise on an institutional, nationwide and European level”.
” Nevertheless, illogical as it might appear, a boost in the repayment for Horizon 2020– as the Danish minister of college and science states– does not increase the research study financing offered for the Danish university sector. At the minute, whenever a Danish university gets one euro from the European funds, the Danish sector losses one euro in nationwide financing. This is because of the Danish federal government’s analysis of the 1% goal for public research study financial investments. “.

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