African Energy Chamber 2020 Africa Energy Fellowship Program– Johannesburg, South Africa


In order to provide young energy experts with the tools and experience to wind up being future leaders throughout the marketplace, the African Energy Chamber is presenting its extremely first Fellowship Program in2020 Applications are open throughout October 2019, for a 1 year program that will start in January2020


In line with its growing around the world cooperation, the African Energy Chamber will be welcoming young experts from throughout Africa, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East to join its work environment in Johannesburg for 12 months.

The Fellows will be provided with an opportunity to utilize analytical capabilities on concrete problems and concerns throughout the energy sector, and an opportunity to concentrate on upstream oil & gas and local product development. They will be running in collaboration with the Chamber’s dedicated oil and gas sector experts and experts positioned around sub-Saharan Africa, and help offer research study and consulting with jobs that deal with on-the-ground problems handled by Africa’s oil & gas sector.

Chosen fellows will be registering with the African Energy Chamber for12 to 16 months and register with a group that provides in-depth and thought-provoking. research study on the African oil & gas market and energy sector at huge,. in addition to crucial help to local product development programs throughout the.continent. A huge part of the functions will focus on sharing and supplying information.and informed views to the Chamber’s partners and the marketplace, and establishing.the finest ability structure programs to institutional and individual celebrations.throughout the continent.

The 2020 Fellowship Program will be focusing on the following secret.elements of the value-chain: upstream oil & gas, midstream, downstream and.regional product. Interested prospects should send their resume at the soonest to.[email protected] and highlight the contribution they wish to offer the work of the African.Energy Chamber.

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