African National providers are approaching Air Peace for airplane By Lawani Mikairu


… Allen Onyema speaks on very first global operation to UAE … Explains why he has actually been getting airplanes.

After an effective Air Peace airline company Dubai/ Sharjah path launch, the chairman of the airline company, Lawyer Allen Onyema in this interview exposes a few of the future strategies of the airline company and the present difficulties. Excerpts:.

Allen Onyema.

The obstacle to Nigerian airline companies running global service is how to take guests beyond indicate point. Does Air Peace have code-share partner for your Dubai operation?

Most importantly I thank God almighty for what occurred the other day and what we are seeing today. I thank Nigerians for their assistance and the media for their assistance and I thank the Federal Federal government for its assistance too.

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We have actually begun our global operations into Sharjah and into UAE (United Arab Emirates) and we are not simply doing Lagos-Sharjah alone, we are likewise doing every location in Nigeria to Sharjah and Dubai.

We have a contract with SATA. They are the ones in charge of Air Arabia and some other airline companies. So we have a contract with SATA, with the authorization of Air Arabia and others to act upon their behalf as an intermediary.

So when we bring our guests through SATA on to Air Arabia they will take them to the next locations outside Sharjah, so that’s what it is. And it is a really smooth plan. So when we inspect you in, in Nigeria and, for instance, if you are going to Jeddah, Mumbai, Medina, New Delhi and some other cities in India and obviously even up to Moscow, we put you through SATA or Air Arabia to take you to the next location.

So when you sign in your travel luggage in Nigeria, you will get it at the next location. Presuming we have linking guests like this one, it is a straight connection, we do not unburden the individual’s travel luggage, we take it to the next flight. It is smooth plan. So, Air Peace is a one-stop buy individuals taking a trip to some cities in Asia.

Now that you have begun global flights and you have obtained long-haul airplane, Boeing 777, what other locations are you taking a look at?

Apart from Sharjah, you understand the federal government of Nigeria has actually offered us some 6 locations, Mumbai, Guangzhou, China, Atlanta, Houston (United States), Heathrow (London) and Johannesburg (South Africa). We have actually begun Sharjah (Dubai); the beside can be found in is Johannesburg. The Nigerian federal government was generous to provide us our locations some 3 years back. We have actually composed to these nations ever since however it took them a very long time to react to us.

This is why I continue speaking about open sky in Africa, the Single Africa Flight Market (SAATM). In some cases I state SAATM is a scams versus Nigeria since while our nation keeps to the concepts of SAATM, other nations that backed it have actually declined to comply with those concepts for Nigerian airline companies.

We made demands to these nations however it took them 3 years to address us. It was the Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Air Travel Authority (NCAA) that stepped in on our behalf as we pilled pressure on those nations prior to they addressed us. I stay grateful to NCAA and the federal government.

So South Africa has actually offered us the authorization now for us to come in. They have actually examined Air Peace and they have actually discovered us all right to come into their nation, so they have actually offered us the authorization to come. We have actually currently begun establishing our structures in South Africa, Johannesburg. And at the very same time we are searching for a partnering airline company in Johannesburg so that when we drop you in Johannesburg our partnering airline company will take you to Cape Town, Durban Port Elizabeth and others cities and even beyond South Africa, to Lesotho and to some other neighbouring nations around.

We are searching for partner airline companies to do that. Air Peace does not simply wish to do Lagos to Johannesburg just, we wish to have the ability to have these alliances with other airline companies to be able to move Nigerians and the flying public effortlessly to locations they will wish to go. I think that will assist us to prosper in the long run. This is what our airline companies were refraining from doing in the past, so we are gaining from that. We are not going to begin South Africa without having a contract with partnering airline company, which we are currently really near to finalizing.

So any minute now we believe we are going to begin Johannesburg prior to August 30,2019 And already we should have signed a type of plan with another partnering airline company. After Johannesburg, the next in line is India, depending upon what takes place, we may be beginning India and South Africa practically the very same time or at the majority of September by God’s Grace.

The Indian neighborhood in Nigeria is yearning for Air Peace to come in. You should have spoken with their Ambassador in Nigeria. They desire a direct flight from Nigeria to India; so they remain in the leading edge, they are the ones pressing and the federal government has actually designated Air Peace to that location. The federal government even composed them to support us. So I thank President Muhammadu Buhari for that assistance. They have actually composed the Indian federal government advising them to support us. We have actually even utilized Chief Security for Air Peace since that becomes part of the Indian requirement.

You should use someone who has actually remained in their military or any of their forces as your primary gatekeeper and he should be a person of India, we have actually currently done that in India. They advised someone to us and he is extremely positioned. So we have actually done that, it is simply some little more procedure staying, so I make certain by God’s Grace at the majority of 2nd week of September Air Peace will be flying to Mumbai. And we are eagerly anticipating going over with Air India, their nationwide provider, which has actually a much better infected have the ability to link us within India. And their federal government likewise is advising us to partner with Air India.

In the future and after we have actually been successful in these very first 3 global locations, we would take a look at flying to Guangzhou. We prepared to do global paths. When we began this airline company we described our development pattern and we have actually consistently followed it. So when Air Peace was importing one Boeing 777 after another and bringing them and keeping them at Lagos global airport, we were slammed.

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We needed to do so since if you want to fly to China, for instance, if you do not have up to 3 long-haul airplane they will not provide you the authorization. So when we understood this, we went to China to provide our documents and the Nigerian Ambassador in China complied with us, he truly assisted us. Which provided me hope since we originated from a nation called Nigeria. The guy took us like his bros and took us all over we required to go and assisted us and made it really simple for us. That is why I think that the federal government of Present Mohammadu Buhari is really, really excited to alter the financial story of Nigeria. He is a pan Nigeria nationalist. There is no doubt about that. He is really excited to support native financial investment.

We hope that other individuals, all the civil servants and appointees must likewise imbibe the vision of the President and whatever will be all right. When we went to Beijing, we were offered utmost cooperation. The Nigerian Ambassador did whatever possible to make it simple for Air Peace. However as at that time our 3rd airplane had actually not gotten here. You see, prior to they provide you allow, you should reveal them the registration of your 3 airplane, either by method of dry lease or straight-out purchase. And most significantly in the straight-out purchase they choose that you own it prior to they can provide you allow. So we set about attempting to gear up Air Peace in such a method that we will not head out there in the global arena and not have the ability to deal with competitors.

Now, let me inform you, if Air Peace did not purchase the variety of airplane we purchased, the other day (Friday, July 5), we would have dissatisfied Nigerians. We dropped the very first airplane we wished to utilize because at 2: 00 pm the previous day, a snag appeared, these are manufactured devices, however presuming we had just one airplane, that flight would have been cancelled. You understand what that would have done. We were sweating, however since we had backup, we presented our Boeing 777-300, which even had more capability and opened it up and within hours individuals were boarding it.

So if we didn’t have that capability we would not have actually had the ability to run. So, that is why we headed out there getting increasingly more and we are still getting. There are 2 more that will come since we truly wish to make Nigeria happy. God prepared, prior to completion of this year, Air Peace will own 6 Boeing777

Numerous nationwide providers in Africa are approaching Air Peace to provide airplane. We wish to provide a few of them airplanes, we have actually signed the contract currently eventually you will see it. I make certain the authorities understand since they have actually gone to Nigeria currently.



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