African Research Study Research Association (ASA) Bethwell A. Ogot Book Reward 2019


Due Date: April 30,2019

Applications are open for the African Research Study Research Association (ASA) Bethwell A. Ogot Book Reward 2019 The Reward is approved annual at the ASA Annual Pleasing to the author of the best book on East African Research study research studies launched in the previous .
The award was allowed by a generous bequest from the late Kennell Jackson, Ph.D., a historian of African history at Stanford University who passed away in2005 At Prof. Jackson’s need, the award has in fact been established to honor Dr. Bethwell A. Ogot, the popular Kenyan historian and public servant.

Academic works launched in any country, in any language in the previous are received the award;(***************)
Modified collections, new editions of previously launched works, bibliographies, dictionaries and works of fiction are not certified;(***************)
For the functions of this award East Africa is defined to include the locations of present day Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia (as comprised at self-reliance), Djibouti, Eritrea, and Mauritius.

Option Requirements.

For the functions of this benefit, scholastic works will be understood broadly to consist of works informed by an understanding of the scholarship in a provided field or fields. In making its option the benefit committee will pay particular attention to significance, imagination and quality of composing.

To pick a book, publishers require to send an election letter setting out the book’s significance. They require to provide their name, publisher, address, e-mail address, telephone, fax, the title( s) selected, and a copy of each title to each member of the 2019 Ogot Reward Committee.
The ASA very encourages publishers to send out selected titles in PDF type, as this will make it possible for the association to be more trustworthy in ensuring that academics that are travelling and/or are based in Africa can participate in the benefit committee and have access to the selected titles.

Please similarly send an e-mail recommending the contact person, publisher, address, e-mail address, telephone, fax, and the title( s) of the selected publication( s) to the African Research Study Research Association at[email protected]

To discover more, have a look at Bethwell A. Ogot Book Reward.


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