African Union Commission (AUC) Capabilities Effort for Africa funding Window I


Application Due Date: 05 Aug2019
SIFA is an effort of the African Union Commission (AUC) supported by the German Federal federal government to improve occupational possible clients of youths in Africa. To begin with 8 countries have in fact been selected as pilot countries– Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Togo and Tunisia.
Picked jobs can get a grant in between EUR 0.2 to 3 million for sustainable and innovative efforts.

Result I:.
Picked companies have in fact been capacitated to provide employment-oriented capabilities improvement.
Result II:.
Access to employment-oriented abilities.advancement for youths is improved, in particular for girls,. students from low incomes groups, refugees and migrants.
Result III:.
Economic sector includes to.enhancing capabilities improvement by participating in the design and the.shipment of employment-oriented capabilities improvement programs.
Result IV:.
Lessons found and finest practices are shared at across the country, regional and continental level.
Huge capabilities improvement monetary investment jobs proposed by domestic training entities in cooperation with organisation.
Grant Amount per job Roughly EUR 3 million.
Thematic LocationBig monetary investment jobs in area capabilities improvement, building the ability of public and.personal training companies to offer quality capabilities programs for the.youth in issue advancement sectors.
A mix of 5 technical and didactical interventions:.

Procurement of training gadgets.
Structure and building and construction, rehabilitation or development of finding centers.
Training of physical fitness trainers *.
Curriculum design *.
Trainee scholarships *.

* The.activities 3-5 can be rich simply in combine with the core.activities 1 and/or 2 and simply as much as 5 % of the general job cost.
Certified CandidatesLead: Domestic public or individual licensed training providerPrimary partner: Domestic financial sector entity.

Comparable (Prospect’s own) contribution A minimum of 10 % of general job cost/investment.
Task Execution Period Roughly 30 months.
Call is OPEN– Due date for submission of Concept Notes: 03 June2019
Call is OPEN– Due date for submission of Concept Notes: 24 June2019
Call is OPEN– FEE DATE for submission of Concept Notes: 01 July2019
South Africa.
Call is OPEN– FEE DATE for submission of Concept Notes: 10 July2019
Call opens on Monday, 13 May- FEE DATE for submission of Concept Notes: 05 Aug2019
For more information:.
Go To the Authorities Site of the AUC Capabilities Effort for Africa.


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