African Union Commission (AUC) Pan-Africa Youth Online Online Forum 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Due Date: March 2,2019

Applications are open for the African Union Commission (AUC) 2nd Pan-Africa Youth Online Online Forum 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Online online forum is hosted under the design “African Youth Join for Action– Bridging the Area & Connecting to Young Africans.”.
The online forum is put together as part of the launch of the “African Youth Unite for Action– Bridging the Area & Connecting to Young Africans” Job, a fascinating new effort of the African Union Chairperson which plans to accelerate action on African youth issues by straight reaching many young Africans in the 4 important areas of Education, Work, Entrepreneurship and Engagement.
The event will establish locations for youth to co-create alternatives in these important areas which will contribute to the execution of the effort in the next variety of years. This is because of that to work with dedicated, visionary and proactive young Africans with experience and/or knowledge in the areas detailed above to register with the co-creation sessions and represent the youth buddy of the continent in high-level option making treatments. The Pan African Youth Online online forum will be held from April 24-27, 2019 at the African Union Commission Head Workplace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
People are expected to take part in a comprehensive four-day conference to propose hassle-free alternatives which will directly enhance many youth on the continent. In addition, people will go through a 15- hour virtual ability structure in the run-up to the Pan African Youth Online Online Forum. The program is broadly in-depth for that reason:.

Ability Structure sessions (15 virtual hours)– One week to the online forum.
Pan African Youth Assembly– Day 1 (under the hashtag of #AfrikaYouthUnite).
Thematic Co-Creation Top– Day 2 & 3.
Devotion Leading by youth improvement stakeholders– Day 4.
Market on finest practices in Africa in the important issue youth areas– Days 1– 4.

You will come from a life-altering engagement of networking, learning, and establishing lasting alternatives to youth issues with other young leaders like yourself, and in partnership with the African Union Commission and its improvement partners. You will meaningfully contribute to the improvement trajectory of youths on the continent for several years to come.

People will include youth professionals from member states, civil societies and/or youth networks;(**************)
Ladies, refugees/displaced people, and people handling an unique requirements are extremely inspired to utilize;(**************)
Prospects should have experience or knowledge in numerous of the thematic areas;(**************)
Be an individual of an AU Member State with a genuine passport;(**************)
Remain in between the ages of 15-35
Have ability to communicate in numerous of the AU authorities languages (English, French, Portuguese, and Arabic).
Be passionate about Africa’s improvement and have in fact acted to contribute to achieve the Africa We Wanted;(**************)
Be committed to lasting engagement to drive the effort in your own locations.

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For extra info, go to Pan Africa Youth Online Online Forum.