Apply to register with the African Union Youth Envoy Volunteer Network 2019


Due Date: Rolling Basis.

Usage to register with the African Union Youth Envoy Volunteer Network2019 They are looking for volunteers with various capabilities to handle the Office of the Youth Envoy (OYE) throughout its present two-year needed. They welcome young, passionate and creative people from throughout Africa and in the diaspora to utilize.
The Youth Envoy goal is to lead advocacy and champ youth business in the prioritization of youth issues within continental and other decision-making and governance locations. In achieving this goal, the Youth Envoy will perform the following activities:.

Inclusive and Substantial Engagement and Participation: Increase and boost the ability of youth (including marginalized youth, and women and women) to successfully get to and engage with the African Union Commission through the development and promotion of structured systems for youth participation at across the country, regional and around the world levels.

Advocacy: Advocate for and increase regional, continental and around the world awareness and attention to issues that are essential to African youth and set in movement youth in achieving Program2063, promoting African worths throughout the continent and beyond. Make certain youth have the capability to promote on their behalf and develop intergenerational partnerships to advance their advocacy efforts.

Partnerships: Engage Member States, the financial sector, scholastic companies, media and civil society, including youth in the AUC, on youth programs in addition to helping in multi-stakeholder partnerships on youth issues. Build tactical partnerships and reliable working relations with numerous stakeholders. Promote intergenerational conversation in order to ensure the sustainability of partnerships.

Coordination: Boost the coordination of the adoption of African Youth Charter in AU member States and support its application at across the country, regional, and local levels. Help coordinate efforts for the adoption of policies and actions that promote youth participation and engagement in local, across the country, regional and around the world development.


You will have the capability to do possible change-making gotten rid of the OYE.
You will boost your present capabilities and grow skillfully by helping find services to specific areas you are connected with.
You will participate in and connect with an impressive network of comparable youths from throughout Africa from various backgrounds with various capability.
Upon the efficient conclusion of your total devotion, you will get a suggestion letter form the OYE for your specialist, self-development or scholastic use.


Prospects require to be young, passionate and creative people from throughout Africa and in the Diaspora;(************)
They require to be in between 18– 30 years;(************)
They require to have time and can access the web to collaborate.


Click this link to utilize.

To discover more, see African Union Youth Envoy Volunteer Network.


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