Beethoven to Bieber – Explore Your Passion for Music

Beethoven to Bieber – Explore Your Passion for Music

Through music, we better understand the human condition. We are able to tap into our own emotions to inspire, to heal and to effect change. Discover great edX courses that are perfect for those looking to break into the music business, those budding performers and entertainers looking to go to the next level and the casual music listener who wants to rock out to German Opera during the evening commute. 

Music Courses on edX

Music Theory 101

Learn the basics of Music Theory to become a better player, writer, and performer with the world-class experts at Juilliard.

Introduction to the Music Business

Become the next Cookie Lyon! From recording contracts to streaming service deals, learn the ins and outs of the music business from Berklee College of Music’s John Kellog.

First Nights – Messiah

An expertly guided experience through Handel’s Messiah detailing Handel’s composition process, the preparations and rehearsals, and the premiere performance of this beloved opera.

Perform at Your Best: Foundations of Performance Psychology

“Pressure pushing down on me. Pressing down on you.” Bowie and Freddie said it best! Learn the psychological skills to work through stage fright and anxiety to deliver stellar performances from Juilliard.

Music For Wellness

Don’t worry, be healthy now! Learn simple techniques and methods that leverage the power of music to apply in your daily life to improve your mood and unlock your creativity.

Discovering the Instruments of the Orchestra

Learn about each instrument, from violin to timpani, and will gain the ability to recognize their individual sounds and textures when listening to any orchestral music.

Introduction to German Opera

For beginners and advanced opera listeners alike, gain the skills to deepen your understanding and appreciation of opera and enjoy the music of the Titans of German Opera.

First Nights – Beethoven’s 9th

Explore the complex and enriching world of Beethoven’s monumental 9th Symphony

Vocal Recording Technology

Learn the keys to successfully recording the human voice from Grammy Award-winning audio engineer, product, and recording artist Prince Charles Alexander.

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