Body of Guatemalan migrant woman who passed away in United States custody returns house


The body of a Guatemalan migrant woman, who passed away in United States custody after unlawfully crossing the border with her dad, returned house Sunday in a white coffin.

Staff members of a funeral house load into a hearse a casket with the repatriated remains of seven-year-old Guatemalan migrant woman Jakelin Caal Maquin, who passed away in a Texas medical facility on last December 8, 2 days after being apprehended by border patrol representatives in a remote stretch of New Mexico desert, upon arrival in Guatemala City prior to being required to her native San Antonio Seacortez town, in Raxruha 320 km north of the capital.– Jakelin Caal passed away after being jailed with her dad and others crossing from Mexico December 6. Together they had actually taken a trip more than 3,000 kilometers from their home town of Raxruha, Guatemala. According to regional media mentioning United States Customs and Border Defense (CBP), the reason for the death was “dehydration and shock”. (Picture by Orlando ESTRADA/ AFP).

The December 8 death of Jakelin Caal, 7, reignited an argument in the United States on migration policy and the treatment of migrants.

It likewise surprised citizens of the native farming town from where her dad Nery Caal, 29, ran away with her in hopes of finding operate in the United States.

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Guatemalan foreign ministry authorities at the airport in Guatemala City got Jakelin’s coffin, decorated with gold-colored trim, prior to a hearse brought it on the 10- hour journey to her town of San Antonio Secortez, about 150 kilometers (93 miles) north of the capital.

She and her dad left the town, which has neither electrical energy nor running water, on November 30 in what the woman’s mom stated was a “requirement”– a mission for work.

Together, Jakelin and her dad took a trip more than 3,000 kilometers.

Countless other migrants have actually made the very same journey, mentioning gang violence or hardship, however United States President Donald Trump has actually made securing down on unlawful migration a main slab of his administration and has actually consistently attempted to connect immigrants with criminal offense.

The United States Department of Homeland Security validated the death of Jakelin, stating she passed away of dehydration and fatigue in an El Paso, Texas medical facility less than 24 hours after being apprehended as part of a group of 163 unlawful limit crossers in a remote New Mexico border location.

The DHS verification came just after the case was reported by The Washington Post.

Joaquin Castro, a Texas congressman who led a delegation to check out the death, blamed “some really troubling methodical failure in how the girl’s condition was managed.”.

As he prepared to supervise his granddaughter’s body, Nery’s dad Domingo Caal informed AFP: “We can not condemn any person.”.

Rita Elizondo, assistant secretary of the National Migrant Help Council, required immediate procedures to prevent more catastrophes.

These consist of efforts to alert Guatemalans to the threats of crossing Mexico and into the United States, in addition to advancement programs to assault hardship, Elizondo stated.

Jakelin’s dad is looking for asylum in the United States.