Brazil president’s oldest kid rejects claims of cash laundering


Brazil’s Senator Flavio Bolsonaro, visualized in November2019 IMAGE: AFP.
Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro’s oldest kid rejected claims Thursday that he washed cash embezzled from public funds, after a file dripped by the media exposed he was linked.
The file from the Rio de Janeiro district attorney’s workplace was dripped after searches of residential or commercial properties coming from Flavio Bolsonaro, a number of previous consultants, and members of Jair Bolsonaro’s previous spouse’s household, the mom of his 4th kid, Renan.

Flavio Bolsonaro, who is now a senator, was a Rio state deputy from 2003 to2018
The file reveals that Flavio is presumed of laundering cash through the purchase of houses in money, for the quantity of 638,400 reais, or about $157,000 at the existing currency exchange rate.
” There is an unreasonable persecution versus me in Rio de Janeiro, since they wish to get to me in order to try to get to the president,” Flavio Bolsonaro stated in a video published on social networks.

” A message for you: You will not be successful. Since we have actually refrained from doing anything incorrect,” he stated.
On Wednesday, a chocolate store partially owned by Flavio– and which, according to media reports, has actually been utilized to wash cash– was likewise browsed.
The examination by the district attorney’s workplace associates with the supposed practice of “rachadinha”, a Brazilian term suggesting the presence of ghost staff members on the main payroll who pay part of their wages to their company.
In November, the Rio district attorney’s workplace released another examination connected to “the work of ghost staff members who would not have actually worked out a function within the workplace” of Flavio Bolsonaro.
On Thursday, President Bolsonaro, who was chosen on the pledge of waging a relentless battle versus corruption, decreased to comment, informing press reporters: “I can just address for myself.”.
Flavio Bolsonaro’s attorney, Frederick Wassef, stated Wednesday that the senator had actually gotten news of the searches “with surprise, however with total peace.”.
The scandal broke out a year earlier, with the federal government firm charged with keeping an eye on monetary deals highlighting “irregular deals” on the account of Fabricio Queiroz, Flavio’s previous chauffeur.
The file from the district attorney’s workplace dripped on Thursday likewise reveals that Queiroz is stated to have actually been accountable for gathering the payment of wages of the parliamentarian’s staff members.
A minimum of 483 deposits were made by these staff members on Queiroz’s account, for an overall of more than 2 million reais (some $490,000).
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