CIDRZ HealthCorps Public Health Fellowships 2019/2020 for Trainees & & & & Early-Career Professionals, Zambia (Moneyed)


Application Due Date: 27 th March 2019

HealthCorps Fellowship Length: 10– 12 months; starting early August2019

Easily Offered Fields: Details analysis, Biomedical Research research study, Scientific Trials, Execution Science and Teen HIV.

Available Sponsorship: Modest routine month-to-month bursary to cover basic living expenses, local medical services membership, & emergency circumstance evacuation insurance protection.
Centre for Communicable Disease Research Study Research Study in Zambia (CIDRZ) utilizes a competitive annual fellowship program that provides a substantial health research study and programmatic experience, training and mentorship to early- and mid-career public health professionals.
The CIDRZ Health Corps fellows wind up being necessary members of the specific hosting groups related to public health programs, research study or analysis systems. Fellows find that the plentiful possibilities for developing their medical writing, job execution and conversation capabilities through hands-on experience and specialist improvement mentorship which helps them to redefine their occupation trajectory. Fellowship positionings are made in our program places relying on the intake year. CIDRZ now needs applications to the popular 2019/20 Health Corp s fellowship c lass in the following fields:.
Information Analysis:.
The Analysis System (AU) is amongst the departments of CIDRZ accountable.for supporting tasks with big methodological and analytical requirements.varying from research study designs, sample size estimates, analytical.analysis, mentoring, and coaching.The Fellow_Data Specialist join a group.that works thoroughly with Details Supervisors, Tracking and Evaluation.( M&E) and Job groups. Through the plan of high quality.analysis the Information Specialist supports CIDRZ to efficiently efforts to boosting health in Zambia. The fellow will.carry out specific streams of work under the assistance of the Head of.Analysis.
A Masters degree with strong quantitative and analytical abilities.associated to Public Health with specific qualifications in involved field.( e.g. Biostatistics, Public health).
Biomedical Science:.
The Enteric Disease and Vaccine Research Study Research Study System (EDVRU) focuses on (i). understanding the aetiology and issue of diarrhoea particularly in.Zambian kids and (ii) security, efficiency and performance assessment.of enticing vaccine potential customers for health problem of public health.significance. The goal of the group is toimprove public health in.Zambia by carrying out research study (requirement and translational) that targets at.affecting policy and conditioning of health problem avoidance and country. Biomedical Research research study Fellow will run in the EDVRU focusing.on principle of leading concern research study principles, preparation of required.lab centers, gadgets and consumables, improvement of.assay treatments, assistance of laboratory work, details analysis and.analysis of findings. The fellow will similarly be required to.add to improvement of preliminary research study principles/ research study study.propositions/ total for open grant calls.
A Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences.
Scientific Research Study Research Study:.
CIDRZ performs a range of interventional and observational scientific.research research studies on a range of health problem of public health significance to Zambia.The Health Corps Fellow in Scientific Research research study will register with 2-3. different groups with active handle either clinical trials or.observational clinical research study studies. The Fellow, will participate in.procedure activities such as specific enrolment, clinical assessments,. specimen collection, conclusion of case record types, examination of.unfavorable events and standard files and manuscript preparation in.close collaboration with other worker in the laborotary and the.centers. She/he will work as research study medical professional for the people on the.research research studies to be run by the system. The Fellow will be primary to guaranteeing.that clinical components of these tasks are well ready and efficiently.performed which the details are updated in the database in preparation.for analysis and manuscript improvement. She/he will include to.advancement of preliminary research study principles/ research study proposals/ make grant.applications.
MBChB, MBBS, MD or equivalent and completed a medical house in communicable health problem.
Strategic Details and Execution Science:.
The Fellow will use help and assistance to both the M&E. component of the Strategic Details Department and Execution.Science System at CIDRZ. This will include supporting both departments to.enhance internal program reporting and analysis of programmatic details to.offer feed back into the program, help abstract and publication.submission to share essential findings. The Fellow will likewise.particularly support the CIRKUITS (Community Impact to Reach Trick &. Underserves Individuals for Treatment and Support) Program in enhancing.information collection, report writing and the coordination of activities.She/ he will assist the CIRKUITS program in the improvement and.activation of work-plans, the M&E group in developing new control panels.for assessing programmatic details and grant writing, customizing and.submissiom.
A Masters degree with strong quantitative and analytical capabilities in Public Health.
Teenager HIV:.
The Fellow will carry out tracking and evaluation of the teen.HIV activities. She/he will assess treatments and prepare the tools for.tracking and evaluation, conduct treatment sensitisations and human subject security and terrific clinical practices. The Fellow.will carry out qualitative interviews, details collection, analysis writing.
A Masters university degree with strong quantitative and analytical capabilities in Public Health.
The TB department performs a range of clinical and lab.research research studies in addition to service delivery help programs focused on TB,. TB/HIV and Detainees health. Scientific research study studies include vaccine scientific.trials, diagnostic evaluation research study studies, execution science jobs.and observational research study studies. The Fellow will handle a variety of task.within the department is expected to support activities that consist of.procedure improvement, IRB submissions, SOP improvement, Scientific required for the service delivery help tasks and Scientific.assistance to study groups including nevertheless limited to people evaluations.and specimen collection as required. He/She will be expected to.add to research study principles and grant applications.
MBChB, MBBS, MD or equivalent. Post graduate training will be a consisted of advantage.
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Closing Date for Applications: 27 th March2019
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