CMI Mediterranean Water Heroes Contest around World Water Day 2019 (Fully-funded to France & & & & Morocco)


Due Date: December 23,2018

Entries are open for the 3rd Mediterranean Water Heroes Contest around World Water Day 2019 on Water and Migration. To amplify the voice of regional youth on this topic, the Center for Mediterranean Mix (CMI) is presenting the 3rd edition of its Mediterranean youth workshop on Water and Migration. In the run-up to this workshop, the 3rd edition of the “Mediterranean Water Heroes” youth contest will utilize young water activists from around the Mediterranean the possibility to show their innovative handle water and migration.
Every year, World Water Day draws the world’s attention to essential around the world water issues. World Water Day 2019 will focus on Water and Migration Youth has a vital function to play in working towards regional water security and increased water awareness. Youths are connected with innovative water-related tasks and research study around the Mediterranean and are essential to safeguarding a more sustainable water future in the location. Youth similarly has an essential function to play in producing a more inclusive Mediterranean for migrants and refugees.

Contest benefits will be recognized by CMI in cooperation with the Water Center over the coming months. The selected contest winners will be offered a speaking function in the different World Water Day 2019 workshop sessions in Marrakech, Morocco in addition to:.

Getting in touch with around the world water and migration experts and young water experts: essential speaking function throughout the CMI Water and Migration World Water Day youth workshop in Marrakech, Morocco (25-28 March 2019, dates tbc).

Direct exposure: Showcasing of your handle the Center for Mediterranean Mix and partners’ websites;(*************)

Media: Including your run in a CMI video on water and migration the Mediterranean;(*************)

Mentoring: Peer-to-peer mentoring with other Mediterranean water activists and experts.

Other selected people will similarly be invited to participate in the workshop in March2019

Youths aged 18 to 35 and working and/or studying the water sector in the Mediterranean.
No matter their house, prospects require to be nationals from amongst the following Mediterranean countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Montenegro, Palestinian Territories, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.
Candidates may be working for public companies, research study institutes, start-ups, NGOs, or as freelancers.
The primary languages of the contest are English and Arabic.

CMI inspires applications from a big series of backgrounds, including young water activists, company owner and researchers. Prospects are invited to send their innovative work around the following designs:.

Water Governance and Required Displacement.
Environment Adjustment and Forced/Voluntary Migration.
The Water-Employment-Migration (WEM) Nexus.
Water and Green Entrepreneurship for Mediterranean Migrant Youth.

Option Requirements.
Simply ended up applications will be considered. Water-related tasks and research study will be taken a look at according to the list below requirements:.

Regional significance and reproducibility.
Innovative worth.
Ecological, Social and Economic Result.
Youth involvement.
General quality of the application.


January 15 th: Declaration of the contest results.
March 25-282019(tbc): Participation of the contest winners at CMI World Water Day in Marseille, France.

For prospects handling issues in sending the enters English or Arabic, we can utilize very little language help for other Mediterranean languages. Email us at: [email protected] with the subject line: “Language help– youth contest”.
Applications will be sent out through this page in either English or Arabic.

For more information, take a look at CMI Mediterranean.