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The College of William & Mary– Williamsburg, VA

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The Ambiance.


What it Seems like to Go Here.

Ah, William & Mary, the university of the country. Studying at this 326– year– old-fashioned suggests strolling the exact same halls as numerous numerous traditionally substantial individuals (or they would be the exact same halls if the Wren had not burned down many times). Positioned right in the heart of Williamsburg, the history felt by William & Mary trainees does not end on school. Simply throughout the Wren, you can discover Colonial Williamsburg: a living history museum. Trainees get in totally free to check out cows, beautiful historic churches and their good friends who work as colonial reenactors.

At a school as close-knit as William & Mary, it can be challenging to discover an area to clear your head. However, filled with concealed gems like the mural outside Tucker and the statue at Crim Dell Meadow, you’ll undoubtedly to discover an area to simply be. With extensive coursework and hard teachers, you can quickly get lost in your research studies. Discovering your neighborhood and your individuals on school, whether that remains in your significant classes or your trainee orgs, will make your time at William & Mary.

Incredible Alumni.

Glenn Close, a school preferred and this year’s beginning speaker. Our generation understands her finest as Cruella de Vil.
James Comey, the previous FBI director and present William & Mary D.C. speaker, likewise went to W&M. There’s even a running joke on school that every high, dark-haired male in Williamsburg is James Comey.
We’re not simply severe geeks here, oh no. Jon Stewart, a previous host and an author of The Daily Program, went to William & Mary, finishing in1984
Discussing William & Mary alumni would not be total without the 4 presidents that have actually studied here: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and John Tyler.

Where We Hang.

William & Mary trainees can normally be discovered in 3 locations: The Daily Grind, the very first flooring of Swem or the Sunken Garden. The Daily Grind, a little cafĂ© in a transformed dormitory, has some quite magnificent gelato. The very first flooring of Swem Library holds Aromas (aka Swemromas): a cafe that fuels trainees’ studying and likewise has complimentary punch cards (yay, complimentary coffee). The Sunken Garden, where to start? Initially part of a New Deal-era program, the Sunken Garden works generally as a truly huge field where trainees play frisbee, research study or simply hang out. On warm, intense days, some teachers will even hold class outdoors.


Just how much do trainees celebration?

” Let’s simply state there’s a celebration culture that should not frighten your moms and dads,” increasing sophomore Rachel Faga stated.

What will you get in difficulty for at your school?

” Prohibited things on school (drugs, alcohol and so on), unfaithful, however most notably, parking,” increasing senior Casey Charbonneau stated.

Just how much sex do trainees have? How is safe sex motivated on school?

” In my experience, trainees have a great deal of sex. VOX, the Planned Being a parent advocacy club on school, truly promotes safe sex. The environment is likewise extremely liberal and progressive, so I have actually discovered that many trainees are informed and practice safe sex without requiring support,” increasing sophomore Katie Kelly stated.

What would you inform inbound freshmen about your school?

” Discover your individuals. It’s the neighborhood that truly makes W&M stand apart, however you need to discover your location within the neighborhood. Sign up with a club, speak to individuals in your classes, discover individuals that share the exact same interests as you. Discover your neighborhood and discover individuals that make W&M seem like house,” increasing senior Marisa Lemma stated.

What’s the variety like on school?

” The variety is alright. I believe the administration has actually taken a great deal of strides to resolve variety, however there is still a long method to go, particularly in regards to equality of professors and personnel. I believe the administration has actually offered itself a pat on the back for the variety they have actually attained without acknowledging that they still require to keep dealing with making variety a top priority and make this school a location inviting to not simply trainees however professors and personnel too,” increasing senior Megan Sidlo stated.

5 trainee evaluations.

” Would not trade it,” Kayla Celeste Shirley ’19 stated.
” William & Mary is a well-tossed salad of academic greens, friendly tomatoes and some walnuts. IDK what the dressing remains in this metaphor,” Wesley Hatin ’17 stated.
” Relatively laidback and a neighborhood that can make fun of itself in lots of methods, like in Swampy Memes or Overheard,” increasing junior Kylee Hartman-Caballero stated.
” It’s an incredibly challenging school with tough coursework, however what’s the enjoyable in whatever being simple?” increasing junior Emily Wydra stated.
” W&M has actually exceeded and beyond my expectations as a high school senior. Academically, I have actually been challenged in a totally brand-new style and I have actually been required to grow intellectually in order to reach my objectives. Socially, I’m pressed to a totally brand-new requirement of friendly, kind and inclusive. Understanding these individuals has actually taught me to be a much better individual. In general, I understand that when I end up at W&M I’ll be a better individual, intellectually and otherwise, than when I strolled in. W&M is certainly not constantly simple, however it’ll devinitely deserve it,” increasing sophomore Alli Seifert stated.

Leading 3 Majors.

Federal government.

3 A lot of Popular trainee companies.

1. A cappella groups.

passingnoteswm.wixsite.com2. Ultimate frisbee.

facebook.com3. Greek life.

instagram.comGetting In.

With an approval rate of 37 percent, getting in to William & Mary suggests being on top of your video game in high school or, if you’re moving (in which case the approval rate sits at about 47 percent), whatever college you’re originating from. This does not always suggest you need to be at the top of your class– just 50 of the 1546 freshmen (2022) finished high school as valedictorians. The class of 2022 had a middle 50 percent series of SAT rating of 1310-1490, significance 25 percent of inbound trainees had SAT ratings lower than 1310 (if you’re fretted, I positioned in the bottom 25 percent of trainees). The class had an ACT composite middle 50 percent series of 30-33 William & Mary does not confess exclusively on grades. If you’re taking a look at schools now, I make certain you’re tired of hearing the word “holistic,” however that’s how William & Mary views their inbound classes and potential trainees. The application does not have a great deal of essays, however if you utilize your essays to display parts of yourself that your records and suggestions do not, that’s a method to make the most out of your application. Even more, your instructor suggestions need to be radiant. Pro suggestion- have 3 suggestions: college therapist (if you have one), an English or language instructor and after that a science or mathematics instructor. This will reveal well-roundedness in your application.

I understand I simply pointed out well-roundedness, which may appear frightening for those of you focusing greatly on a sport or music or art. By well-roundedness in this sense, I merely suggest in regards to academics. Extracurriculars provide a completely various ballgame. Here, it depends on you to explore your interests and your enthusiasms. If you’re artistic at all, think about completing an additional Innovative and Carrying out Arts submission. This can not harm your application– even if you’re not excellent at it, they will like your effort and your enthusiasm. Likewise, if you have a possibility, do a summertime interview prior to your senior year. Not just will this provide you more time on school prior to using, however it likewise permits you a low-stress discussion with among the present senior citizens at W&M. Not all trainees do a summertime interview, so having this in your application portfolio will just assist your possibilities.


Place: Williamsburg, VA

. Tuition & Charges: $23,628(in-state).

Overall Expense on School: $36,554 report this advertisement.

Undergrads Enrolled: 6,300

Graduates registered: 1,082

Overall registered: 7,382

Approval portion: 37% (2018).

Percent Confessed who Enlist: 28.5%.

Registration: 1546 (Class of 2022).

Portion of Male trainees: 42%.

Portion of Female trainees: 58%.

Portion getting financial assistance: 54% (2017).

Portion getting federal grants: 11% (2017).

Portion getting federal loans: 27% (2017).


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