Computer Science Courses Helped Bhakti Land a Job

Computer Science Courses Helped Bhakti Land a Job

It’s been over a year now since I started using Coursera and I can say with certainty that my computer science skills have vastly improved. I’m pursuing a Bachelor in Information Technology from Mumbai University. When I started using Coursera, I was interested in job opportunities as a software developer and was hoping to get interviews at the top multinational corporations that visit our campus.

Companies usually start visiting our college campus every June to offer full-time positions, so that pushed me to start preparing for interviews. I decided to use Coursera as one of my tools. I took Algorithmic Toolbox Specialization, Data Structures, Algorithms on Graphs, and Programming for Everybody.

These courses were instrumental in arming me with the knowledge I needed to truly understand core concepts. They were descriptive and the assignments were challenging. The content was high-quality and the course structure ensured good flow and understanding by building on previous concepts. All the knowledge from world-class instructors being made available to millions of people across the globe is truly amazing.

The computer science courses I took on Coursera helped me land my dream job as a software developer at a FinTech company. It was a really proud moment for me. I’m going to start working there full-time after I graduate.

I would like to thank everyone who teaches on Coursera for the incredible service they’re providing that I’m sure is helping thousands of other students like me.

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