Cora Weiss Fellowship 2019 for Ladies Peacebuilders– (Totally Moneyed to New York City City, U.S.A.)


Application Due Date: Might 31 st2019
The International Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) mores than happy to expose its fourth annual Cora Weiss Fellowship for Young Women Peacebuilders. Launched in 2015, the Fellowship means to support the development of women peacebuilders and ensure that more youths share Cora’s vision for sustainable peace and gender equality as strong and crucial parts of our global culture.
Eligibility requirementsTo be received the Cora Weiss Fellowship, prospects require to please the list below requirements:.

A minimum of 2 years’ experience of offering or operate in a girls’s rights/humanrights/peace advocacy business.
2 years’ work experience in policy advocacy on women’s rights, human rights, peaceand other social justice issues, including understanding of the UN Security CouncilResolution 1325 on Ladies, Peace and Security, and associated laws and policies;(****************)
A Bachelor’s degree in around the world relations, women/gender research study studies or any of the socialsciences;(****************)
Has really lived or run in a developing country for a minimum of 2 years; and.
Total performance in English. Since the fellowship will occur in New york city city where the around the world community is mostly congregated, overall performance in the English language is a must. Performance in any other UN language is a plus.

Option requirementsApplicants will be taken a look at based upon the list below requirements:.

Comprehending of UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 1325, 1820 and 2250 on Ladies, Peace and Security, and associated laws and policies;(****************)
Ability to make use of the capabilities and networking opportunities gotten from this Fellowship in an equivalent venture, such as handling a civil society business that promotes for women, peace and security, for a minimum of 2 years after conclusion of the Fellowship;(****************)
Ability to engage effectively on women, peace and security issues, both orally and in composing. Actually strong speaking and making up capabilities in English are required.
Ability and desire to travel to conflict-affected countries.

The reliable prospect will have the opportunity to handle GNWP for one year on its global advocacy in the UN to promote the application of the UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 1325 and 1820 on Ladies, Peace and Security, and associated laws and policies, and the everyday running of an international office based in New york city city.
This will include, nevertheless not be limited to: • Participation and representing GNWP in various celebrations and conferences at the UnitedCountries or those set up by the UN, Member States, civil society and scholasticorganizations in New york city city;(*************) • Help to GNWP research study tasks and various publications, including statements, policy briefs, case research study studies, job proposals and reports;(*************) • Logistical and administrative help in all places of GNWP operations.In addition, the prospect will also have the opportunity to participate in GNWP’s regional, across the country and local efforts such as the Localization of UNSCR 1325 and 1820, and the Ladies for Peace and Management program. This will include, nevertheless not be limited to: • Interacting with and supporting local partners in logistical and substantive preparationfor the activities, and genuine travel to support in-country application;(*************) • Help to the preparation of budget plan strategies, financial and narrative reports fromactivities;(*************) • Contributing to preparation of workshop items, such as module matrixes, training needs analyses, and pre- and post-workshop research studies; and • Composing and dissemination of blog site websites and other promo items to promoteGWNP’S various efforts.
The Fellowship year will start in September 2019 and end in September2020 GNWP will cover roundtrip flight from the native land to New york city city, area andboard, medical insurance coverage, local transportation, and other private expenses of the fellow.
List of required files.

Completed application in English. Please bear in mind that while GNWP has really introduced thisad in numerous languages, submission of a completed application in English isnecessary. The application is easily offered here:.
An essay of no higher than 3 pages that talks about why you are asking for the Cora Weiss Fellowship.
2 recommendation letters. Recommendation letters require to include the length of time the author has really comprehended the prospect and in what ability, go over the prospect’s capability to make an impact in the field of women, peace and security, and any suitable previous experience. Applications may be sent to: [email protected] All required application items require to be overall and sent out together in one e-mail. Files sent separately will not be examined and application will be considered inadequate.

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