CTO Sharpens Data Science Skills on Coursera

CTO Sharpens Data Science Skills on Coursera

Tamir lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and is a developer and CTO at a startup. He used Coursera to help build practical skills and stay in the know on all things data science. Read his story:

I’m the CTO of a startup called Invertex. We develop software and hardware for helping people confidently shop online for products using 3D scanning and printing, data science, and computer vision technologies. 

Although I am fairly well versed in 3D and game related technologies, the Game Development Specialization I took was helpful for gaining a fine-tuned understanding of interactive 3D environments and technologies such as Unity. I also learned aspects of game design and gamification that we’re implementing in some of our software.

Coursera has been a source of intellectual enrichment and practical professional development for me in the last couple of years. I especially enjoyed An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing, which was very insightful and broadly influenced the way I think.

The main programming language I work with is Python. My work often involves mathematical and scientific issues related to 3D geometry generation and analysis. The first course that helped me with practical advanced techniques in Python and understanding of relevant mathematical concepts is the wonderful Coding the Matrix (linear algebra) course, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

As our startup progressed and gained more clients, we needed the ability to make sense of all the data we acquired. We had no data scientist on board or the budget to hire one full time, so I decided to improve my data science skills on Coursera.

I started with the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization and began to implement the things I learned at work. At some point, I decided I needed to refresh and enhance my statistical knowledge and enrolled in Duke’s Statistics with R Specialization. The courses in both Specializations are instrumental and very practical for our data science needs.

Coursera has made it easy for me to learn data science skills, which is critical for my role as a developer and CTO at an early stage startup. I use my new data science skills almost every day, and it helps me do my job better and informs company decisions at various levels.

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