Dalai Lama Fellowship 2019 for emerging Leaders (Totally Moneyed)


Application Due Date: February 3,2019
The Dalai Lama Fellows (DLF) experience is an immersive, year-long devotion that coaches each Fellow through a management curriculum encouraged by outstanding leaders like the Dalai Lama. This curriculum will help you wind up being more mindful, increase awareness of your inner worths and how they connect with your work, deeply connect with people around you, and deal new approaches of structure sustainable services to complex concerns.
Dalai Lama Fellows, developed in 2010 with the inspiration and assistance of the 14 th Dalai Lama, is reimagining management by cultivating and supporting a worldwide movement of next generation leaders utilizing universal worths and local understanding to solve worldwide barriers at the typical level. The program is nonreligious and ecumenical.

Award year-long Fellowships to such next generation leaders that are handling social adjustment jobs in local communities to address numerous of the following places: reducing monetary variation, reducing violence, gender oppression, boosting cross-cultural and interreligious cooperation, helping in new and more holistic scholastic methods, and enhancing environmental sustainability.
We provide each Task Fellow with:.

Immersion in our distinct yearlong Head, Heart, Hands management curriculum;(*******************)
Individually training to support their jobs in social adjustment and private improvement as reflective and cumulative leaders;(*******************)
Participation in 2 week-long Worldwide Assembliesy with Fellows from all over the world and lively teachers; and.
Lasting association in our worldwide understanding area and support system.

We are inviting interested prospects to participate in a genuine self-reflection treatment that utilizes a possibility not simply to utilize to the program nevertheless similarly to examine private worths and goals.
Be Genuine: As you examine and respond to these issues, remember not to notify us what you think we want to hear. Be real with yourself and share that trustworthiness with our group.
Be Strong: This application is a possibility to examine how you can grow as a leader. Be courageously strong, image the kind of leader you can wind up being, and notify us about it.
Be Thoughtful: Need time to respond to each issue. Save drafts. Share reflections with depended on buddies and colleagues. The most reliable applications are not simply well made up nevertheless reveal factor to consider and self-questioning.
Save an Offline Copy: We recommend that you at first reiew the entire application and after that spend time offline composing your responses in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Make certain to save an offline copy in case of a technological error or harmed connection.
In order to please the minimum requirements, a possibility requires to reveal the following through the application:.
( 1) Next generation leader who remains in between ages 20-35 years;15
( 2) Fluency in made up and spoken English;15
( 3) Experience or interest in understanding and practicing reflective practices throughout the year;15
( 4) Description of job of social change/justice that can be performed for several years;15
( 5) Comprehensive understanding of the area and the issue that the proposed job is searching for to run in and address, preferably with more than one year of previous experience handling the area in issue;15
( 6) Commitment to participating in our online understanding platform, which hosts our year-long curriculum;15
( 7) Existence at week-long Worldwide Assembly in June 2019 and when again in June 2020, participation in month-to-month training calls through video conference, participation in month-to-month group calls with other Fellows, conclusion of curriculum, and peer-to-peer interaction on the platform.
Application Summary:.
The application for Dalai Lama Fellows consists of 6 substantial parts:.

Your Resume/CV.
Prospect Background and Summary.
One Suggestion Letter.
Essay Issues.
Application Video.

Secret Dates:.

February 3, 2019: All applications due.
April 15– 30, 2019: All Fellows are selected and informed.
May 1-June 2019: Virtual Onboarding of Fellows and Preliminary Curriculum.
June 2019 (TBD): 5 Day Worldwide Assembly in the United States.
July 2019– May 2020: Head, Heart, Hands curriculum, month-to-month training calls, finding groups, job execution in local communities.
June 2020 and beyond: 5 Day Gobal Assembly in the United States, where Fellows officially complete their Fellowship year and graduate into LifeLong Fellows worldwide management and finding area.

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For More Information:.
Take a look at the Authorities Site of the Dalai Lama Fellowship2019



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