Dalai Lama Fellowship 2020 for emerging young Leaders


Application Due Date: January 5, 2020 (11: 59 pm Eastern Time).

Dalai Lama Fellows (DLF) is an unique 1 year management program for emerging social adjustment leaders established to cultivate strength and compassion, boost commitment to universal human worths, and broaden cultural viewpoint. DLF’s supreme goal is to help young leaders develop greater self-awareness, resiliency, and insight in addition to much deeper connections to others, their communities, and the world.

Eligibility Requirements.

In order to please the minimum requirements, a possibility ought to reveal the following through the application:.

Be a next generation leader who remains in between 20-35 years of ages *.

Fluency in made up and spoken English.
Experience or interest in understanding and practicing reflective practices throughout the year.
Present engagement (or well-articulated methods) for a social adjustment job in one’s local area and continuous engagement throughout the fellowship year.
Have substantial understanding of the area and the issue that the job is trying to find to fix, preferably with a minimum of one year of previous experience handling the area.
Commitment to participate in our online understanding platform, training calls, and so on.
Existence at the Reflective Management Assembly in mid-June 2020 (Dalai Lama Fellows will cover all travel, lodgings, and meals for the assembly).

* Potential customers need to remain in between 20-35 years of ages on Jan. 5,2020 This is a business age range, and due to the high volume of applications and the fellowship’s focus on next generation leaders, we are currently unable to make exceptions.

Application Summary.

The application for Dalai Lama Fellows consists of 6 substantial parts:.

Prospect Background and Intro.
Essay Issues.
Your Resume/CV.
One Suggestion Letter.
Application Video.


November 4, 2019: Application introduced.
January 5, 2020: Application due (11: 59 pm Eastern Time).
March 2020 (date TBD): Fellows are selected and notified.
April-May, 2019: Virtual on-boarding of new Fellows.
June 2020 (date TBD): 5-day Reflective Management Assembly in United States.
July 2020- May 2021: Head, Heart, Hands curriculum, routine month-to-month training calls, little group learning calls, job application in local communities.
June 2021 and beyond: Fellows amount to program and enter into LifeLong Fellows around the world management and learning area.

For More Information:.

Have a look at the Authorities Site of the Dalai Lama Fellowship2020

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