Day in the life of a first-year Physics trainee

Day in the life of a first-year Physics trainee

As a first-year Physics trainee, I have about 20 contact hours a week. There is a lot to do in Durham that every day is various, so here’s a cup of my common week.


Monday’s are typically quite hectic. They constantly begin in College, Hatfield, where I satisfy a good friend for breakfast in the dining hall at 8am, both people feeling a little chattier after a discomfort au chocolat and a cup of tea!

Back in my space I go through previous lecture notes and do some pre-reading prior to my very first lecture at 11 am. I have 2 lectures, physics and mathematics, then get a meal handle a coffee shop on the science website– we can utilize our school cards to get lunch in the uni coffee shops rather of in college, which is truly useful on hectic days.

From 2pm– 5pm I have a laboratory session, dealing with a partner to check out circuits or radioactive sources. After laboratories I have a physics tutorial; 5 trainees consult with a teacher and we go through some conceptual issues on that week’s lectures.

At 6pm it’s lastly time to head back to college for a friendly supper– remaining in a catered college provides an excellent opportunity to overtake pals and loosen up over mealtimes. I head back to my space for some work and a chat with my floormates, then retire to Netflix in bed.



I have a lighter end to the week, although it still begins with an 8am breakfast prior to satisfying some pals to stroll to the science website for my 9am lecture. We have a break at 10 so we hang out in a coffee shop and do some work. Time for 2 more lectures, then back to college for lunch!

My afternoon is totally free, so I do laundry and begin work. After going through my lecture notes I proceed with my research– normally, we have around 6 pieces of research, plus laboratory preparation, weekly.

At about 5pm and it’s time to prepare yourself for among my preferred parts of college life– Official! We put on official gown and dress for a yummy three-course meal with a lot of special college customs (like spooning!). Later on, all of us head to the bar for college tunes– entering into the college spirit is all part of the enjoyable of college life.


Among the important things I enjoy about Durham is all the societies you can get associated with, at any level from total newbie (like me– all the sports and classes I do at Durham I have actually never ever done prior to!) to nationwide rivals. Lots of sports and societies exist on both a University and College level, with college groups frequently being more light-hearted.

After breakfast, I head to the Students’ Union for a 9am ballet class taught by an older trainee. Feeling revitalized, I head back to college to extend and clean my space prior to satisfying some pals for the very best college meal of the week: breakfast! An hour or two of capturing up, me and a good friend get our things and head to a Broadway dance class. My head filled with program tunes I head back to my space and begin dealing with another research sheet.

I have actually begun cheerleading with the Hatfield-Cuths joint college group, and satisfy some colleagues to stroll to our 4pm training session. An hour and a half of stunting and laughing later on we roam back to college for a well made roast supper. I pop to my space and complete the work I began previously, then choose a motion picture night in somebody elses space– popcorn, movies and pals are an excellent method to end a hectic day!


I hope this has actually been a helpful insight into my week!

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Emily Baker

Hi, I’m Emily, a first-year Physics trainee from Hatfield! Together with my degree, I do college cheerleading, dance (terribly!) and am a junior member of my college’s JCR treasury group. If you can’t discover me at any of those, I’m most likely bouncing around town or snuggled with a cup of tea and a great book.