Dear Social Network of the Future


The fast advancement of social networks is remarkable. With its evergreen state of individuals continuously publishing life updates on Facebook, amusing intoxicated nights on Snapchat and visual shots on Instagram it’s difficult to picture what sort of images and posts we’ll share 20 years in the future– not to mention even 2 days from now. I can’t assist however question where it might go. This leads me to play a video game. What would my social networks resemble when I remain in my 40’s? Will I continue in the name of tech-confused individuals? What does my future social networks involve for my life as it advances? Will it advance with it?

Considering fellow social networks platforms that I follow, I like to picture my social networks in my forties.

I can’t assist however flinch at those long life updates on Facebook, uncomfortable Instagram captions and possible brand-new social networks applications I simply can’t appear to determine. Below is an alerting to my future self. A calling out of sorts, on absurd posts that somebody ought to have stopped me from sharing and a reflection on what I picture my social networks at its worst to appear like.


instagram.comPlease do not publish any longer of those focused food pictures. The very first post of pesto pasta was fine however understand you have actually specified of publishing fruity pebbles cereal. The worst part: it appears I have actually forgotten to utilize captions. It’s actually become a feed of focused food without any caption. Is the visual food image even a thing any longer? Okay fine, if you truly wish to publish that image of Pizza I can’t stop you. Pizza, after all, never ever heads out of design. On another note, it appears I have actually likewise established the routine of talking about everybody’s posts with emojis. Perhaps think about utilizing some words or at the minimum an emoji that makes good sense. Even if the squid emoji is adorable does not imply you ought to utilize it for each caption. Individuals typically do not understand how to react to the squid.


unsplash.comI do not understand when I transitioned from just publishing brand-new pictures to an album to now at the point of composing paragraphs of life updates. Truthfully, this has actually left hand. If I might shake my future self I would. No one requires those paragraphs. Fine– share that fantastic journey to Cancun however can we avoid sharing how it drizzled today and you found 2 stunning hummingbirds? Tip: an individual journal will work simply great. I like all of the animal video reposts. I’m sorry however that never ever gets old and I decline to think that anybody is genuinely frustrated by my spamming of cute-animals-doing-stuff videos on Facebook. Continue with the videos, lowered those paragraphs and obtain a journal.


instagram.comLet us please not get too political on Twitter. I understand you care and I’m happy I have not lost that dedication to being politically active however, every post? I’ll provide you credit though, that last action was quite smart (please do not respond back once again, end this twitter argument on a high note). Likewise, spilling the tea does not consist of ruining the most recent on whatever TELEVISION reveal you’re marathoning. Even if Twitter has actually chosen to broaden the word count does not imply you should. Perhaps limitation yourself to that 100- word count. They should have never ever permitted more than 200 words in the very first location however what are we to do? Finally, I’m so happy you altered the design; the brand-new profile image looks excellent. The latte drinking pug is the most precise profile picture I have actually ever seen.


unsplash.comPlease do not try– yet once again– to day-to-day vlog. The 20- minute ranting videos while you drink a glass of pinot noir is fantastic and all however simply do not anticipate any of those brand name offers; they simply aren’t taking place, I’m sorry. Likewise what’s with all of the long videos of it drizzling with mellow music? Is this the brand-new profession course? Visual videographer slash mellow DJ because low profile, I sort of like it.


unsplash.comWell I’m in fact impressed with this one. Like expensive red wine and great cheese, it improved with age. You have actually lastly discovered to stop utilizing this one like Facebook and in some way have actually handled to make more connections here anyhow. I’m living for the word of the week posts. I’m likewise happy to see that selfie isn’t being utilized as your profile picture any longer.


This simply requires to be erased, end of conversation.


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