Echidna International Scholar Program 2019– Going To Fellowship at the Brookings Company


Due Date: October 1,2018

Applications are open for the Echidna Global Scholar Program2018 The Echidna Worldwide Scholars Program is a having a look at fellowship hosted by the Center for Universal Education (TIP) at the Brookings Company. The program means to establish the research study, analytical, and management capabilities of NGO leaders and academics who have substantial experience with and ties to developing countries, whose work has a specific focus on improving finding possibilities and outcomes for girls in the developing world.
Echidna International Scholars invest 4 to 6 months at Brookings Company in Washington D.C. The structure of the program is divided into 2 main parts to assist the scholars in having impact when returning to their home countries: research study on worldwide education issues, and management training.

The research study component of the program will include a data-collection phase in your house and a writing and analysis phase throughout a residency at Brookings. It means to get ready worldwide girls’ education leaders with the capabilities and support had to produce a written policy research study product to effect adjustment for girls in their home countries.
The management component of this program is built on the understanding that psychologically clever management is a core efficiency in girls’ education management and is for this reason included throughout the scholars’ residency at Brookings. Scholars will be exposed to new structures of management and be had to continuously think reflexively on their own management style and perspective.

Upon conclusion of their fellowship, TIP supports the scholars in carrying out an action method that utilizes their new capabilities and efficiency in the developing country where they have in fact revealed substantial ties. This position would be ideal for a possibility with 10-15 years of specialist experience in an involved field.

As quickly as selected by TIP to participate in the program, Echidna Global Scholars will be expected to devote time to collecting info for their research study in their home country, in preparation for their period of residency at Brookings in Washington DC.
Throughout their residency from early June 2019 to mid-October 2019 at the Brookings Company, Echidna Global Scholars will handle the center workers on developing their specific research study job and an approach for policy impact. They will also participate in specialist development training and networking possibilities.
Echidna International Scholars will use the resources of other Brookings’ scholars, together with the extended public law area in Washington, D.C. by participating in additional conferences and conferences, and getting in touch with the broader development area.
The program prepares for the Echidna Global Scholars to have the ability to engage with other Brookings scholars and the bigger policy area, to perform specialist, substantial research study, and supply spoken conversations in English. and handle a detailed, ingenious written research study product throughout their residency, together with a post-residency job proposal with the intent to perform their research study in their home country upon conclusion of the program.


Please bear in mind that this position is a short-term full-time resident fellowship at Brookings (it is not an employee position).
Prospects selected for the fellowship will get a living stipend of USD $5,000 a month (subject to U.S. tax withholding and reporting), paid single-occupancy property for the four-and-a-half-month term, and round-trip travel expenses, and a very little medical insurance coverage method.


The program picks specialists with substantial experience in and ties to developing countries, a revealed intent to return to a developing country after ending up the period of residency at Brookings, and an interest and revealed commitment to girls’ education.
Prospects should have a background in education, development, economics, or an associated place, with a minimum of 10 years of specialist experience in either research/academia; non-government and civil society; federal government; or organisation.
Master’s degree required; Ph.D. or research study background extremely selected.
Strong analytical and composing capabilities. Efficient prospects will have an intimate understanding of education development issues and gender.
Candidates who have in fact not worked plainly on girls’ education previously are welcome to utilize, nevertheless should include a description of how this focus on girls’ education can be included successfully into their existing and future work.


Echidna International Scholars’ research study topics have to be focused on education issues for girls, as they matter in their specific contexts. This can include “Second generation” issues, like:.
ensuring that girls can go to and complete primary and secondary school;(************)
making schools much more secure and more safe;(************)
improving the quality of finding for girls;(************)
supporting girls’ shift to college and work; and.
cultivating local country leaders to promote this work at the grassroots level.

Topics on the intergenerational outcomes of girls’ education, advancements in early youth that matter for girls’ education, girls’ education in disagreement settings, or quality education for native and/or minority girls.
Echidna International Scholars are also inspired to include places of research study focused on girls’ capabilities development. Other girls’ education issues doing not have evidence are also welcome.


Echidna International Scholars have to be easily offered for a full-time, on-site association with the Brookings Company for the entire duration of the residency of the program together with a pre-arrival info collection phase of research study prior to their arrival.
Not long after option, Echidna Global Scholars are had to perform research study on a subject licensed by Christina Kwauk, Fellow and lead of the Lady’s Education group at TIP.
Scholars will supply their research study files at a Brookings hosted day-long conference at the end of the residency.
Each Scholar is expected to be an active person in Brookings and TIP activities, including, nevertheless not limited to, regularly-scheduled organizational workers conferences, table talks, workshops, conversations, and other TIP and Brookings events.


Send out a cover letter that discusses your goals and intent for the program, together with your curriculum vitae or resume which will include a list of your publications, and fellowships, honors, awards, rich research study, or structure support that you have in fact gotten. Please link curriculum vitae or resume and cover letter as one file when you utilize, as recommended.
When set off, link actions to Study, in the Composing Sample location. Click on this link to get to submit.
When set off, link Research research study Job Proposal, in the Composing Sample location. Click on this link to get to submit.

* Files have to be saved with a format of Surname, First Call and record name (for example: Doe_Jane_CV). Remember that suggestion letter, making up samples and records are NOT required. Please send Study and Research research study Job Proposal in the Composing Sample location.
Simply prospects selected for interviews will be contacted. Potential customers selected for interviews may be asked to send out additional items. Inadequate applications, and any applications gotten after the due date will not be considered. If you require visa sponsorship to participate in this fellowship program, your English performance will be validated by methods of an impartial assessment as required by the U.S. Department of State.
Timing and Application Due Dates:.

Application due date: October 1,2018
Tentative Residency Term: June 3, 2019- October 18,2019

Click this connect to utilize.

To learn more, go to Echinda Global Scholar Program.


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