Education First (EF) Quality Award in Language Coach 2019 (Fully-funded to New York City City)


Due Date: May 1,2019

Applications are open for the EF Quality Award in Language Coach 2019 The EF Quality Award in Language Coach acknowledges excellent language trainers from around the world. The design for the EF Quality Award in Language Coach is “Promoting Cross-Cultural Comprehending Through Language Understanding.”.
The application asks trainers to describe discovering activities or experiences that they have in fact produced to promote cross-cultural understanding among their students. These discovering activities may be in-class activities, after-school tasks, school clubs, or immersive understanding experiences (e.g., pen pals, research study travel, and exchange students).
Winners will be invited to a Worldwide Top in New York City City City, where they can satisfy each other, share finest practices, and gain from popular language education experts. EF will totally loan winners’ transportation and top expenditures.

All full-time language trainers are certified to get the award, regardless of the language or the level that they teach;(**************)
Educators should stay in service at the time of application and require to be teaching a language;(**************)
Winners require to have the capability to take part in the EF Quality Award in Language Coach International Top in August 2019;(**************)
Considered that the International Top will be carried out in English, winners should have an useful level of English;(**************)
The option committee’s options are last;(**************)
All EF part-time and full-time team member, including EF trainers, are not gotten approved for this award.

Option Requirements.
Options will be based upon the quality and creativity of trainers’ language discovering activities and the degree to which these activities promote cross-cultural understanding.

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