EIFL Town Library Advancement Award 2018 (USD$ 1,500 benefit)


Due Date: December 5,2018

Applications are open for the EIFL Town Library Advancement Award 2018 The EIFL Town Library Advancement Award is for town library services that boost lives.
The award is used to public and area libraries in developing and move countries that make use of information and interaction development (ICT) to boost lives in their areas by fixing any of the following issues, which are included in the United Nations 2030 Program for Sustainable Improvement:.

Monetary health and wellness and work.
Farming and sustainable farming.
Health and health.
Digital addition.
Gender equality and empowerment of women and ladies.
Education for all.
Environment adjustment and other issues affecting the environment.

The benefit includes US$ 1,500 and broad promo through EIFL’s global interaction channels and networks.

You require to be a public or area library;(**************)
The library requirement to stay in a shift or developing economy country;(**************)
The service you are sending out requirement to make use of digital information and interaction development (ICT);(**************)
The service require to have actually started after January 2016;(**************)
The service require to be practical at the time of application;(**************)
You require to provide evidence of beneficial results of the service or impact in the area;(**************)
Simply one service can be offered in the application. Other services or jobs offered in the application will not be considered;(**************)
Application may be sent out either in composing, or in video (motion picture) format.

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To get more information, go to EIFL Town Library Advancement Award.