El-Zakzaky: Shi’ites encounter Authorities in Abuja, demonstration in Lagos … State there’ll be no Nigeria in 2023, if … Faults IGP’s claim on clash


By Luminescent Jannamike & Monsuru Olowoopejo.

Members of the Islamic Motion in Nigeria, IMN, likewise referred to as Shi’ites, the other day, encountered the authorities at the federal secretariat, Abuja, with among the leaders in the South-West stating there would be no Nigeria in 2023 if security representatives continue to eliminate them.

Shi’ite Demonstration: Members of Shi’ite clash with Authorities throughout their demonstration at the Central District of Abuja requiring release of their Leader El ZakZaky. Image by Gbemiga Olamikan.

The clash took place hardly 48 hours after they encountered the authorities at the National Assembly, hurting some police officers and ruining lorries.

Wielding placards and shouting anti-government tunes, the protesters required the instant release of Ibrahim el-Zakzaky, their leader.

They had actually assembled on the federal secretariat and were marching towards Eagle Square when they were obstructed by armed anti-riot police officers.

According to an eyewitness, problem began when the authorities required to talk with leaders of the protesters and 2 guys, Nura Marafa and Mujaid Mohammed, who stepped forward were apprehended.

In inconvenience, it was found out that the Shi’ites assaulted the police officers who opened fire and likewise utilized teargas on them.

Employees at the secretariat supposedly left in various instructions to prevent being captured in the event.

Speaking on the current round of hostilities in between the Shi’ites and the authorities, Chairman Free El-Zakzaky Project Committee, Sheikh Abdulrahman Abubakar, implicated security firms of penetrating their ranks with scalawags and hooligans.

He declared that the relocation was performed to provide the sect a bad name and sidetrack the general public from their accusation that El-Zakzaky had actually been poisoned in detention.

He stated: “We have actually been objecting quietly for the previous 4 years. The Federal Federal government need to permit us to reveal our sensations without intimidation and molestation.

” The law states even when an individual is captured devoting a criminal activity, arrest and arraign the person prior to the court. Why the forcible effort to distribute people preparing to start a tranquil demonstration to reveal our complaints versus the state?

” What our company believe is accountable for the conflict is the plot by some politicians to puzzle the general public and develop a state of anarchy in the nation utilizing the name of IMN.”.

The IMN spokesperson, nevertheless, might not verify the number of casualties were tape-recorded amongst the members of his group at press time.

On the other hand, the FCT authorities spokesperson, Anjuguri Manzah, stated members of the IMN apprehended by security operatives on Tuesday and the other day had actually been arraigned at numerous courts within the country’s capital.

The Lagos demonstration.

In Lagos, the Shi’ites took their demonstration to Maryland crossway, Ikeja, shouting uniformity tunes and requiring that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration regard the court that ruled that the IMN leader be launched.

The protesters, who were equipped with various placards bearing the images of their leader, regreted that his ongoing imprisonment even more showed that the president was not a respecter of the guideline of law.

The procession launched by the IMN members, Lead observed, caused an enormous gridlock at Maryland junction, Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Method, Ikorodu Roadway and other adjacent roadways within the axis.

In an interview with Lead, Muftau Zakariya, South West Planner of IMN, cautioned that they would not desist from the demonstration up until President Buhari launches their leader.

He stated: “We are prepared to pass away if our leader is not launched. If they are prepared to eliminate us, we have 21 million lives to use. I understand that they do not have 21 million bullets to contend us.”.

Faults IGP claim on clash.

According to him, we will continue our demonstration all over the nation if our leader is not launched. We have actually constantly taken part in tranquil demonstration. If you can see, none of our members is holding any weapon or stick at this rally today (the other day).

” Is it possible for those that are not equipped to assault the authorities? I was shocked when the IGP declared that our members assaulted the authorities. We understand where to get weapons if we wish to get them.

” When 21 countless our members contribute fund, I can inform you that we will raise N21 billion. And all of us understand what that can do if we choose to purchase arms with such funds.

” We are not violent. What the IGP stated is the height of irresponsibility from any public workplace holder in Nigeria. If you are selected by the president to serve the nation, please serve the nation initially prior to addressing the requirement of the male that selected you.”.




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