EMIR OF KANO VS GANDUJE: ‘Disrespectful’ Sanusi guys make truce hard– Sanka, guv’s advisor


…’ We are enthusiastic on Abdulsalami C’tte doing justice’.
By Bashir Bello, Kano.
Alhaji Tijjani Mailafiya Sanka is the Unique Consultant on the Council of Emirs in Kano State. In this interview, Sanka speaks on the freshly produced emirates, what notified the choice and the debate that welcomed the production to name a few problems.
What notified the choice to develop extra emirates in Kano?

It was calls by the individuals of Kano that notified the choice of the Kano State federal government to develop the brand-new emirates to improve development and advancement of the state in the locations of the economy, security and education, particularly in the location of complimentary and mandatory education presented in the state by the Ganduje administration.

There is requirement for education to be reached all the nooks and crannies of the state in addition to guarantee sufficient and better security. And we felt it is through the emirates that individuals a lot thought in that we can attain a few of these things. Once again, the reality stays that they (the emirates) existed in the past. What we did was just to restore them.
If I get you plainly, you stated the brand-new emirates were produced following the need by the individuals. However why now, and not in the guv’s very first term?
It is something that you need to offer a reflection, make assessments with individuals who are proficient with history, socio-economy, governance and the conventional organizations. The state Home of Assembly likewise got a number of inputs from individuals requiring the production of the emirates. It was based upon this that the state assembly passed the Emirates Council Expense sent out to it by the guv after which they returned it to him and he signed the expense into law.
It followed due procedure. Which is why there was festivity in all the 4 freshly produced emirates. There is no bachelor you will discover from the 4 emirates who declined the extra emirates. Those who oppose them are individuals who do not comprehend and stop working to come forward to comprehend the essence or those who comprehend the essence however have other viewpoints or various thinking. However federal government’s choice followed the need of individuals.
However there is a group of Kano seniors who declined the production of the brand-new emirates, explaining the action as an effort by Guv Ganduje to ruin Kano Emirate.
You understand history depends upon how you see it. If you take a look at history, there were emirates like Gaya long prior to Dan Fodio came. In1979, we had a comparable experience where emirates were produced to match the scenario of that time and they were provided flags. And likewise prior to Jihad came, there were locations without emirates however Daura Emirate produced Hausa Bakwai (7 Real Hausa States) and Banza Bakwai (7 Outlaying Satellites) and power was shared at that time and you had what was available over 1, 000 years back.
Things are no longer the exact same; the population has actually grown compared to what you had in the past. It is situations that required the circumstance. In the future, not just in Kano, there will be production of more emirates since the population is growing and there is the thinking of what will bring individuals closer to federal government or federal government closer to individuals, especially on the concern of security which is of vital value to federal government.
And there is likewise the concern of education, to inform individuals, both male and female, so that they can end up being literate and accountable members of the society. However there need to be individuals who will be feeding federal government with details on the requirements of individuals. And in the society such as ours, individuals utilize conventional leaders to pass their messages throughout to federal government. Even federal government, it is through the conventional leaders that it gets details looking for immediate attention or action. This is not a brand-new thing. It has actually been a practice for a long period of time.
However there are speculations out there that the brand-new emirates were produced since of the declared function the Emir of Kano, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II, played in the 2019 basic elections versus the candidature of Guv Ganduje …
No. The brand-new emirates were not produced to witch-hunt, reduce or depress the Emir of Kano, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II. We produced the emirates for the advancement of Kano. We are the political leaders and we understand who played politics. And whoever played politics, we would play politics with him considering that we remain in politics which is what brought us to power. And federal government has to do with politics. There are individuals you play politics with in public and depending upon how you play politics with us, that is how we will play politics with you.
It was hypothesized that some individuals are taking the benefit of the fight to earn money by going behind to inform the emir that the guv is bad and, on the other hand, go to paint the emir bad prior to the guv. What do you state about this?
If there are individuals who do that, we contact them to stop. It is bad. Anytime you go to a leader, you are expected to offer him great recommendations or assistance him in an excellent way. For example, our leader, Guv Ganduje, is the listening type who listens anytime you go to encourage him. Whether you put it in composing or it is spoken, he offers listening ear.
So likewise, I believe the emir has high calibre of individuals who encourage him. However we contact the emir’s consultants to offer healthy recommendations simply as we Unique Advisers offer the guv great recommendations and he gets, takes important appearance and uses the recommendations. And in any case, both of them are found out individuals and have great precedents. Though I do not believe in Kano we have such individuals that will go and start to inform lies to somebody simply to earn money. The emir and the guv are informed and likewise spiritual; for this reason, they will decline such.
What is the method forward to solve the fight?
We have actually discovered a method forward, we have actually produced brand-new emirates, Gaya, Karaya, Rano and Bichi, and you have the old Kano Emirate. The brand-new emirs have actually been provided personnels of workplace. However some individuals dragged the matter to court and the essential problems that require to be solved were solved right from the state Home of Assembly and the brand-new emirates stand.
And the guv established the Council of Emirs and the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, accepted the chairmanship of the council. What is left now is for the guv, workplace of the Secretary to the State Federal government and my workplace to repair the date for the inauguration of the Council of Emirs in the state. Everyone is anticipated to go back to their particular emirates and tackle their regular activities.
You are speaking about inaugurating the Council, what about the cases prior to the court?
Yes, preparation for the inauguration of the Council of Emirs in Kano State, which consists of the 5 emirates and all very first class emirs, remains in leading equipment.
About the various cases submitted by the Kano Emirate and some Kano seniors prior to the court, we are recommending them to withdraw the case and follow guidelines by federal government and comply with federal government and the freshly produced emirates. It is not since of anything however since time features absolutely nothing however advancement. So, this is a huge advancement that has actually occurred in Kano and them too.
However we do not understand what their thinking is that made them to head to court. Even in the past, not just in Kano, where individuals headed to court to challenge such choice, they stopped working, since federal government does not do anything without factor. Failure to withdraw the cases is ill-mannered to the federal government of Kano. It is essential for them to come and meet federal government of Kano in order to establish the state.
We hope they will offer listening ear to our call. For example, in Gombe, you have 15 emirates which in the past was just Gombe Emirate. Now, the Emir of Gombe has just 2 city governments under his watch as the Chairman of the Council. And it is among the emirates under Fodio. And it is likewise Fulani and likewise Jihad. So, in a state like Kano that has a big population, with found out individuals from all strolls of life, youths and political leaders, there is requirement to bring individuals closer to federal government. There is likewise require for sufficient and better security and this is among the methods to attain that.
Like I stated previously, individuals here have self-confidence and regard for conventional and spiritual leaders. If anything occurs to them, prior to they report to security firms, they need to initially notify their leaders. And from there, the message or details is shared for essential action. On this note, we contact the Kano Emirate and others to withdraw their cases prior to the court for peace to rule and help federal government to move the state forward.
Does this mean that if they withdraw their cases from court, your doors are open for discussion?
Our doors are constantly open for discussion particularly with Guv Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. I informed you the guv is the listening type who listens to the recommendations we offer him. And he likewise consults from Kano elites, spiritual leaders, traders, civil servants and whosoever he’s expected to speak with. He weighs recommendations to understand which is best or incorrect and great or bad.
Guv Ganduje led an effective delegation to President Buhari however Emir Sanusi was missing while Emir of Bichi, Aminu Ado Bayero, existed. On the other hand, there were get in touch with the President to intervene in the fight …
I understand there is a committee led by a previous President, General Abdulsalami Abubakar and they have actually participated in talks. And there was a courtesy contact President Buhari by a delegation led by Guv Ganduje and in which there were seniors, conventional and spiritual leaders, traders and political leaders from Kano to state thank you to the President. The go to was just to state thank you and not the concern of emirates took them to Abuja.

Let me take you back to reports that originated at a time worrying the reconciliation committee led by Gen. Abdulsalami which supposedly came and the guv apparently snubbed the relocate to fix up both celebrations as he stopped working to appear for the conference …
No, the guv honours invite from any committee especially that a person with Abdulsalami as the head. However the committee is yet to expose their findings and I am not a member of that committee. Therefore I do not have anything to state because regard. However all I understand is that they will do justice since they are seniors.
Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi and some groups required an end to the fight. And just recently likewise the Oba of Benin. What should we anticipate?
Oba of Benin paid a courtesy see to the guv to praise him over the Supreme Court decision and provided his own recommendations however you understand there are various cultures, locations and customs. He provided his own recommendations like any other individual would do; it is now left for the guv to choose what to do.
Not even the Oba alone however any person can offer federal government recommendations and it will check out it. However for now, brand-new emirates have actually been produced and have actually continued to continue with their activities. They have actually continued to turban district heads, ward heads, imams and others.
They continue with their activities as defined by custom and the law. So if any person has contrary recommendations, it is his own thinking considering that he does not have power to reverse it. On the call by the popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, I believe the Commissioner for Religious Affairs in the state, Baba Difficult, has, when he led members of the Tijjaniyya group to the guv, resolved that element.