English language use and political leaders’ expertise|Letters

English language use and political leaders’ expertise|Letters

I too have actually operated in lots of nations, in my case as an engineer. Jan Wiczkowski (Letters, 12 April) appears to wish to neglect the historic factors for the out of proportion weight of the English language worldwide. They are lots of. For example, a Polish business preparing an agreement with a Chinese consumer will see that agreement utilize English law. The global language of air travel, and of the oil market, is English.

Nations with greatly dialected languages (for instance, in Flanders and Switzerland) will see the locals utilize English when they can’t comprehend individuals from simply 30 miles away. I saw this in Belgium when pals from Antwerp needed to utilize English to purchase beer in a coffee shop in Breda! The gigantic reach of the BBC is another reason English is the default language all over the world, as is the reality of the huge bulk of engineering having actually come from the UK.

The 2nd language of any researcher or engineer will often be English. Yes, language mentor in British schools is a disgrace. We ought to teach French, German and Spanish in our schools and need proof of affordable fluency in them as an essential element of an appropriate level of education. However when you get informed by a security personnel, as taken place to me when attempting to utilize French at the shipyard in La Ciotat, to “speak English. I like to practice my English”, it is simple to see why native English speakers do not see the point of attempting to get any terrific center with any other language.

Wiczkowski declares he hears Europeans utilizing English “typically even more cogently and concisely than English (he should, obviously, have actually stated British) political leaders have actually carried out in their own tongue”, however that is just due to the fact that the case being put by those British political leaders is such an unreasonable and farcical one that even Shakespearian proficiency of the language would have a hard time to make it sound cogent.
Terence McSweeney

The photo painted by Jan Wiczkowski of political leaders’ linguistic incompetence might not be as bleak as he recommends. Recently in Germany I saw 3 political conversation reveals on traditional TELEVISION in which British political leaders (Ben Bradshaw, Labour, Greg Hands, Conservative, and Philippa Whitford, SNP) acquitted themselves honourably in German in fast-moving political disputes. British views were likewise represented with complete confidence and with excellent humour by Sir Peter Torry, British ambassador to Berlin 2003-07, and Prof Anthony Glees.

Our ire ought to possibly be scheduled for the education policies in this nation that do not value the knowing of foreign languages, unlike our European neighbours, whose kids are needed to find out a language approximately a minimum of 16, typically to18 Whatever the result of the existing political crisis, we will still require to talk with our European neighbours. Up until our political leaders identify the contribution foreign language abilities make to trade, organisation and shared regard and understanding, and after that buy modern-day language mentor throughout all sectors, we will stay a mostly insular and monoglot nation banished on the edge of Europe.
Steve Callaghan
Instructor of German and French (just recently retired), Guildford, Surrey

About time too (Modern languages: schools turn to foreign governments for teachers, 9 April)! In the 1980 s, the EEC (as it then was) provided us a creative plan for exchanges of instructors in between the UK and the continent. Margaret Thatcher turned it down, haughtily stating that we were completely efficient in handling our own education. An entire generation lost as an effect. It might even have actually affected the referendum.
Philip Stewart

As an instructor of foreign languages, I see with terrific issue the down pattern in the take-up of languages at GCSE and A-level. To excite trainees for languages, discovering them should seem like a significant activity. One element that has actually added to the unfortunate decrease of language knowing is not normally gone over– particularly our extremely excessive health and wellness guidelines in schools, that make any school check out, especially one including taking trainees on exchange programs abroad, a problem to arrange.

Those of my trainees old enough to have actually taken part in an exchange report of the huge, and sometimes life-altering, effect it has actually had. As holds true in many schools in the nation, my management group, in their unlimited knowledge, have actually now chosen to axe our extremely effective exchange program with Germany, which had actually been running for 24 years; they ‘d rather be safe than sorry– simply what we require in our existing political circumstance. It is the trainees who lose out, obviously.

I was under the impression that our task as instructors was to broaden our trainees’ horizons, however I seemingly got that incorrect. The federal government is hired to neutralize our existing environment of worry: we require a strong legal structure that motivates school exchange programs.
Anke Neibig
Newcastle upon Tyne

Jan Wiczkowski is dead right about English insularity, conceit and its political leaders’ failure to make their arguments in any other language than English. The media might assist to alter mindsets by taking a lead. How about a one-page press absorb in the initial language from El País, Libération etc every day in the primary paper or G2? Dobry pomysł?
Paul Tattam
Chinley, Derbyshire

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