ENVIRONMENT MODIFICATION FOCUS: Cows, coffee and sustainable farming


Panamanian farmer Dolores Solís practices agroforestry methods. UNDP SGP Panama/Andrea Egan. The farms are integrating trees, food crops, fodder for

animals and livestock rearing, a kind of farming referred to as silvopastoral farming or agroforestry. In the Azuero Peninsula area of the Main American nation, which

is controlled by a tropical however reasonably dry forest, farmers like Dolores Solís have actually embraced silvopastoral methods which enhance food security and promote reforestation, along with the sustainable usage of water and land. Mr. Solís has actually been growing coffee, sugarcane and plantains along with raising

livestock. Learn more here about how famers are adding to developing a more durable environment in

Panama. To learn more on the UN and environment modification, checked out here.