EU funds SWAIMS, PESCAO to end maritime insecurity in Gulf of Guinea


By Princess Owoh.

The Economic Commission of West African ECOWAS, Monday, revealed that it loses approximately 2 billion dollars every year to theft of maritime resources and unlawful fishing.

European Union, EU.

Head of Cooperation of the European Union delegation to Nigeria and ECOWAS Mr. Kurt Cornelis stated “in spite of Increased security effort, personal privacy, heist at sea, unlawful fishing, smuggling and trafficking, still posture a significant danger to maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea and to the financial advancement of the area.

Insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea has unfavorable result on the health and financial indices of its member state. The area stayed the most unsafe worldwide for piracy and heist at sea in2018 This endangers vital maritime path for trade and organisation and likewise impacts human security, governance and environment.

” In regards to the variety of occurrences in the Gulf of Guinea in 2017 alone, there were 81 attacks on ships, of which 42 were associated with personal privacy and 39 were equipped burglaries, while # 2 seafarers were abducted for ransom”.

Kurt included that the EU is moneying the program Assistance the West Africa Integrated maritime security SWAIMS; with 29 million Euro through the significant contribution, the EU is figured out to support the Yaounde Maritime architecture and enhance maritime security and security in the Gulf.

” With SWAIMS and its twin task PASSMAR for main Africa, the EU intends to support the execution of the ECOWAS incorporated Maritime method through the support of its local entities i.e ICC, CRESMAO and the MMCC while supporting capability structure of Police Agencies and qualified authorities at nationwide levels”. He stated.

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Task Force Aliyu Gaya, head of the International maritime coordination centre suggested “Gulf of Guinea is currently referred to as among the most unsafe maritime locations with the Intervention of ECOWAS, our partner we have the ability to make the area more secure the international maritime coordination centre; was developed mainly to truly collaborate the activities of maritime security firms in zone E locations of operation as you understand.

” Occasionally, we have issues of attack, a shooting attack, and kidnapping, the issue of petroleum theft and other vices that are taking place”.

Aliyu included that every day, we are attempting to assemble a force that will step in promptly and truly deal with the scenario as we have now. We have the zone E that is the zone that is the pilot centre for the ECOWAS area.