European Commission Directory Site Traineeship Program 2020 (Paid position)


Due Date: August 30,2019

Applications are invited for the European Commission Directory Site Traineeship Program 2020 Each year the European Commission offers 2 5 month, paid traineeships, for 1,800 trainees; administrative or translation. Starting on 1 March or 1 October, trainees gain hands-on experience of EU policy making in a multicultural environment.

Trainees work all over the European Commission/Services/Agencies mainly in Brussels, nevertheless similarly in Luxembourg and throughout the European Union. The product of the job relies on the service you are selected to. You may, for example, run in the field of rivals law, workers, eco-friendly policy and so on.

The traineeship offers:.

EU understanding– insight into the treatments and policies of the European Organizations.
Practical experience– a possibility to play a part in the Commission’s daily business.
Opportunity to put scholastic theory into practice.


The living allowance for the 2019 traineeships sessions will be EUR1,19684 every month.


Open to all EU individuals regardless of age. A very little range of places are similarly designated to non EU nationals.
Have a university degree or equivalent, of a minimum of 3 years of research study, representing an overall cycle (Bachelor’s);(**************)

Have an excellent understanding (C level according to the Common European Structure of Suggestion for Languages) of 2 EU authorities languagues, amongst which ought to be a procedural language: English or French or German. For non EU nationals simply one procedural language is required.
Have no previous work experience of any kind, in excess of 6 weeks in any EU company, body or company, EU delegations, with Members of Parliament (MEPs) or Advocates General at the EUCJ.


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