Fahim Discovers his Passion for Programming

Fahim Discovers his Passion for Programming

Fahim is a student in Dhaka, Bangladesh and after taking Introduction to HTML5 on Coursera, he discovered his passion for programming and hasn’t looked back. Read his story:

After graduating from high school I was unsure about what subject to study in college. At first I decided to major in electrical engineering, but was getting more and more frustrated with each passing day because I wasn’t interested in the subjects being taught in class. Then I discovered Coursera, and after completing two programming courses I started to think about changing my major. I took Introduction to HTML5,  Interactivity with JavaScript, and Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals.

I realized that I really like programming and discussed changing my major with my parents, but they were skeptical. I showed them the certificates I got from Coursera and they were pleasantly surprised that I was utilizing the internet as a learning tool, and became supportive of my new passion. I’m now doing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and these courses are keeping me up to date on the latest topics while also helping me prepare me for my exams.

I am also participating in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, and I’m thankful to Coursera for being my founding step towards the beautiful world of programming. I did not know anything about programming before I started doing courses on Coursera and now I’m working as a Front End Developer.

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