FIRE Africa Awards 2019 for Job promoting ICT improvement in Africa (USD 3,000 cash prize & & & & Completely Well-to-do to the 2019 Web Governance Online Online Forum in Berlin, Germany)


Application Due Date: 31 st May 2019 at 11: 59 PM PDT (GMT– 7)
The 2019 FIRE Africa Award is now open. An Award is a benefit for a job well done. The FIRE Africa Awards search for to acknowledge innovative efforts in Africa and have really made concrete contributions to utilizing details and interactions developments and have had a strong impact on the location’s social and monetary improvement.

Winning efforts need to please 3 main requirements.

All task proposals need to have a technical component through which they search for to deal with improvement issues.
Proposed services need to be innovative, ie, they need to offer new strategies, concepts, principles, strategies and treatments that respond to social requirements and can expand and enhance areas.
Finally, efficient efforts need to have a checked impact, ie, they need to send out indications and evidence that support the production of worth for the target areas.

There is simply one funding category for the 2019 Awards.

ICT for Development: ICT for community improvement and difficulty decline. New uses of ICT in the health, education, market, environment, farming, and other sectors. The tasks can be in any of the following subcategories:–.

Encourages utilizing ICTs for enhancing human improvement and monetary empowerment, thus promoting the decline of difficulty.
To promote new uses of ICTs in education.
Handle promoting gender equality, boosting interventions through utilizing digital tools.
Perform telehealth services (e-health, m-health and telemedicine).
Boost avoidance and control actions through utilizing ICTs in cases of emergency situation circumstances and natural disasters.
Meet barriers in the areas of economy and resolve tasks that use ICTs and enhance digital neighborhoods.
Having a look at the capability of the Web for things in farming, environment adjustment, energy and natural deposit management.

One winner will be selected through this 2019 need tasks. The FIRE Africa Awards will exist to constant efforts or ended up tasks that send out concrete evidence of their impact Projects pending execution or which will begin will not be accepted.
The FIRE Award consists of a USD 3,000 cash prize plus total travel and accommodations for one representative of the selected task to go to the awards occasion, and participate in sessions which will be kept in Berlin Germany throughout the 2019 Web Governance Online online forum starting with 25 th to 29 th November2019

Due date for Submission: 31 st Might2019 at 11: (*************************** )PM PDT( GMT– 7).

Screening, Evaluation and Option: 3rd June to 5th July2019

Due Diligence assessment and arrangements: 8th July 2019 to 31 st July2019

Declaration of Efficient Prospect: 1st August2019

No proposals will be accepted outside the online application system. All proposals have really been sent out prior to the due date.
To read more:.
Take a look at the Authorities Site of the FIRE Africa Awards 2019.


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