Free Preview of our Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program!

Free Preview of our Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program!

Free Preview - Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program

We recently announced some exciting new additions to our Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation program. These new layers of depth and complexity contribute to a learning experience that we truly believe offers the very best point-of-entry into the world of deep learning and artificial intelligence.

We’re so excited by these additions, that we’ve decided to invite everyone to a free preview of the classroom!

Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program - Instructors

Starting right now, and through November 14th when enrollment closes, you can enter our Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation program classroom and experience our world-class content firsthand, for free!

You’ll meet our instructors, and get introduced to the structure of the program. You’ll go through the key topics we cover, including: Neural Networks, Convolutional Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Networks, and Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Best of all, you’ll even get to walk through actual projects! You’ll experience fascinating applications of deep learning like these:

  • Create original art in the style of famous painters like Picasso and Hokusai using deep learning in a Style Transfer application!
  • Teach a car to navigate using Deep Reinforcement Learning and the DeepTraffic simulator!
  • Train a deep learning agent to play Flappy Bird!

Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program - Projects

There is so much excitement around the potential of deep learning right now—the applications seem almost limitless, and that’s one of the main reasons why so many innovative minds are drawn to this transformational technology.

A very special feature of the free preview is a personal essay from Alexis Cook, one of the program’s instructors. Her essay is entitled “What Difference Could You Make with Deep Learning?” In it, she describes Sebastian Thrun’s work at Stanford using deep learning to pursue a solution to skin cancer detection. She introduces the new course he’ll be teaching about this life-saving algorithm, and details how students will learn to use deep learning to pursue similar social good initiatives:

“After learning about convolutional neural networks, you can design your own algorithm to analyze medical images such as MRIs or X-rays. Or, you might instead be inspired by the power of recurrent neural networks and create an algorithm to predict disease from medical records. The possibilities are endless! What will you create?”

This, ultimately, is the core question this program presents to students, what will you create?

With the skills you’ll learn in this program, you’ll be ready to leverage the power of deep learning to do amazing things in the world. Yes, you’ll cover topics like Keras and TensorFlow, convolutional and recurrent networks, deep reinforcement learning, and GANs. Yes, you’ll learn from authorities such as Sebastian Thrun, Ian Goodfellow, and Andrew Trask. And yes, you’ll enjoy access to Experts-in-Residence from OpenAI, Google Brain, DeepMind, Bengio Lab and more. But more than all that, you will have the power to drive positive change in the world.

“Just as machines made human muscles a thousand times stronger, machines will make the human brain a thousand times more powerful.” —Sebastian Thrun

The Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation program is the ideal point-of-entry into the incredible world of deep learning and artificial intelligence. Please accept our invitation to this free preview of our classroom experience. You’ll discover for yourself the power of deep learning, and experience firsthand how it feels to touch the future.

Experience your free preview today, then enroll by November 14th, and let the future begin!

Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program from Udacity on Vimeo.


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