FROM THE FIELD: Stabilizing Morocco’s native culture and preservation


UNDP Morocco|Found in southern Morocco, the Imegdale area lies in the Western High Atlas variety. The earliest area of the variety, the High Atlas has a variety of natural and cultural properties, which cohere as a distinct landscape and community.

The Amazighe, who reside in the mountainous south of the nation, have actually generally had the ability to save the distinct biodiversity of the area and maintain their cultural heritage. Nevertheless, environment modification along with the over-exploitation of medical plants– plus an exodus of youths – implies their cooperative relationship with the land might no longer be sustainable.

The UN Advancement Program (UNDP), with other partners, has actually supported the Amazighe to handle and safeguard the natural deposits on which they rely.

On World Environment Day commemorated on 5 June each year, learn more here, about how native and regional neighborhoods continue to exist side-by-side with the natural world.