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From Viewpoint to Public Health.

Published 11.1419

Kashay matured in a neighborhood in Baltimore City where price of health care, health literacy, and access to constant care avoided individuals from thriving in the house, work, and school. She didn t acknowledge the variation in access to health care till she started fraternizing her peers who resided in more upscale locations and recognized the distinctions in between neighborhoods.

In 2015, Kashay became aware of Central Scholarship from her high school college therapist. She got her very first award in 2015 which assisted with her undergraduate expenses at Notre Dame of Maryland in Baltimore, where she finished in 2018 with a Bachelor s in Viewpoint and a small in Biology. When she was accepted to finish school, she chose to reapply for a Main Scholarship award to balance out the expense of her degree. She is exceptionally grateful for the assistance she has actually gotten from Central Scholarship and thrilled to finish from Johns Hopkins with a Master s in Health Administration in2021

Kashay s interest in pursuing a profession in public health originated from her background in viewpoint. Aristotle presented the concept of eudaimonia, or human thriving. He argued that human actions are all based upon our desire to thrive, which is the greatest great obtainable in life. She contemplated the range of situations individuals might discover themselves in, which would avoid them from achieving eudaimonia. The health injustices she saw, maturing, was definitely an obstruction.

Her viewpoint is that every person has a right to thrive over their life time a task that can not be achieved without achieving and preserving a specific limit of health. Kashay has actually made it her objective to increase healthcare gain access to and fair shipment of healthcare services to motivate all humans to thrive.

We continued to be motivated by the work she does and impressed by her diligence. Maintain the exceptional work, Kashay!

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