Full text of Ghali Umar Na’Abba’s concluding speech at NCFront’s confab


Ghali Umar Na’Abba
The conveners of National Consultative Front, NCFront, held a virtual global press conference on Monday, where they expressed dismay that Nigeria’s over-bloated political structure and warped governance system cannot boast of any sector that was working.
Below is the full text of the concluding statement by former House of Representatives Speaker, Ghali Umar Na’Abba, Joint Chair of NCFront, at the briefing (Professor Pat Utomi had given the lead statement):

Over the past two decades of our new democratic experience, we have had to watch our dear Country, with dismay, disappointment and utter shock, slide into anarchy, collapse, ruin and rot. The promise that democracy held for us has become elusive to realize. The country has been left to drift.
Hardly can any sector of the country be said to be working as the government seems ineffectual, irresponsive and incompetent. Unemployment, particularly among our youths has reached and passed unprecedented levels, while unnecessary loss of human lives due to insecurity has become a recurring decimal with scores of Nigerians being killed on a daily basis.
Our indebtedness, both internal and external has reached alarming proportions.  with the attendant virtual collapse of social and physical infrastructure leading to pervasive and grinding poverty. The way and manner governance is conducted suggests a high degree of irresponsibility at all levels.
The general feeling across the land today is that of delusion, hopelessness and helplessness. The agony and anguish of Nigerians about the deplorable state of our nation is palpable and worrisome. The feeling also on the part of many Nigerians is that the days ahead as a Country are numbered.
Unfortunately, our over-bloated political structure and warped governance system have not been able to rise up to the challenge at all, thereby leaving the Nigerian people distraught, distressed and despondent. Clearly, this state of affairs in our country is unacceptable and unsustainable.
Consequent upon these tales of woes in our country, we as a group of concerned citizens with a great conscience are now compelled by these various threats to come forward and confront these unfortunate agonies, by initiating an urgent *National Political Action for a new Nigeria, where citizens will be able to meet their basic needs and attain their human fulfillment.*

To this end, we as Nigerians of conscience, have resolved to take urgent action to neutralize and end our unfortunate narratives by coming together under the umbrella of NCFront to collectively pursue the onerous task of rescuing and saving our country from this ominous slope into total collapse. This is intended to be achieved through massive nationwide consultations and mobilisation  with a view to taking back our common patrimony and place it in the hands of a new generation of selfless, disciplined and competent political leaders of good conscience in Nigeria
For the avoidance of doubt, our only interest lies in creating an inclusive democratic governance which is a sin qua none towards the provision of a decent living condition for the people and also the facilitation of prosperity for every Nigerian citizen. It is our desire  to rescue our fellow citizens from the viper-like grip of poverty, while creating jobs for our teeming youths and masses, majority of whom are roaming the streets of our country rudderlessly and hopelessly as we speak
Therefore, every leader and promoter of the NCFront is expected to be a citizen of immense conscience and credibility who is resolved to give full and total commitment and loyalty to the NCFront agenda to rescue Nigeria from the present socio-political quagmire, characterized by corruption, exploitation, impunity and nonchalance.
Such people must be patriotic and committed and must be seen to be not among Nigerians that played diabolical roles in the political currents of our country particularly with regards to the derailing of this democracy. Such Nigerians must also be politically conscious and out to rescue the floundering ship of our dear country in solidarity with other like-minded Nigerians in the NCFront.
Furthermore, our members and stakeholders are therefore expected to be detribalized, non-discriminatory change champions and Ideologues with positive values, compelled and anguished by growing political corruption and unprecedented hopelessness in Nigeria, to join forces with other likeminded people of conscience in facilitating an all-inclusive governance paradigm and system.
National Consultative Front,  ravaged and battered by existing currents in the country is agitated by the worrisome development of State capture by a few self-serving opportunists, who, today, constitute the ruling power in Nigeria and operating without any clue or worry about the current drift of the State into general anarchy and turmoil.
Candor compels us to declare that our country has become a failed state where insurgency, banditry and kidnapping, as well as pervasive poverty, are the new normal.
To this historical end, we have resolved and elected to undertake massive nationwide consultations and mobilisation with a view to building a formidable political platform in the form of a mass movement
In this endeavor, it is our wish to engage with like-minded groups in order to form a very large, strong and capable force that can challenge the current political parties now in power in the states and the center. In line with this objective, our mission, vision and strategy are as follows:
Our Mission:
Promotion and nurturing of a real democratic political system and peoples centered government that will provide equitable, just and inclusive governance for the wellbeing of all Nigerians.
In this regard, it is the intention of this front to stick religiously to the principle of internal democracy, which absence in the major political parties is responsible for over eighty percent of the mess we have bee thrown into.
Our Vision:
Our vision is that of a united Nigeria that will bring prosperity, security, pride and dignity to all Nigerians.
Our Strategic Objectives include the following:
1.To establish a formidable mass movement that will result in the creation of an inclusive democratic political platform to groom and provide opportunities to all Nigerians to contest for elections in a competitive process. It is our expectation and belief that it is such a competitive process that can ensure that Nigeria gets the kind of leaders it deserves.
Leaders that are competent and that will render selfless service. In the alternative, we will join any political party that will accept to work with us based on our strategic goals and objectives.

To educate enlighten and re-orientate the electorate so that they no longer be manipulated by unscrupulous politicians whose mission in politics is only self-serving. It is our intention to particularly put emphasis on youth and women groups because more than any other groups, they are the most manipulated.

To consult with all sections of the country with a view to giving Nigerians a constitution that may work for our country to the benefit of all Nigerians. The consultations will include fundamental issues like a referendum, self-determination, principles of proportional representation of the people in government etc. The current constitution cannot be said to be working in favor of Nigerians.

To mobilize for the economic well-being and prosperity of all Nigerians by ensuring that Chapter 2 of the present Constitution i.e., Fundamental Objectives & Directive Principles of State Policy becomes justiciable once and for all.

In the light of our historic mission to enthrone a New Nigeria, we welcome all Nigerians of good conscience at home and in the diaspora; female, male, young and old, including persons living with disabilities to join this historic political endeavor to save, rescue and create a new Nigeria full of equity, justice, prosperity and peace for all.
Consequently, every member and ally of the NCFront shall also be required, as a strategic necessity, to facilitate a Circle of Concern of 12 Citizens of Conscience based on a membership registration code to be provided by NCFront National Secretariat.
Finally, we as victims and casualties of the misrule and rot in the country, must all note at all times that our victory, in this new national rescue and salvation journey, can only come through our unwavering solidarity and unity.