Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2019 for Potential Customers from Developing Countries to study in Belgium (Moneyed)


Application Due Date: March 4th2019

With support from its” Special Research Study Research Study Fund” (BOF), Ghent University grants PhD scholarships to attractive PhD students from developing countries who wish to carry out half of their PhD research study at Ghent University and half in a university in a developing country.

Prior to getting a PhD scholarship at Ghent university student Continuously need to find an instructor from Ghent University who wishes to operate as the supervisor (‘ promoter’) of their doctoral research study and who grant support their application The best approach to do this is by browsing the list of teachers and research study topics easily offered on our research study directory website.

The proposals require to be jointly sent out by a possibility, a promoter at Ghent University and a supervisor at the partner university.
No restraints are bothered the field of research study, nevertheless option will be used to topics that are proper for development.

Development value connects with the degree to which the proposals’ objectives follow receivers’ requirements, country requirements, synergy possibilities, around the world issues and partners’ and donors’ policies.

Potential customers need to stemmed from– and have the citizenship of– a developing country (see country list);(*********************)
There requires to be a guarantee that the possibility will have the capability to work fulltime on the PhD task for a period of 24 months at the partner university in a chosen developing country (South). This suggests that the list listed below conditions needs to be pleased:.

there requires to be a local PhD supervisor at the partner university or showing ground in the South;(*********************)
A made up statement is requested for discussing that the possibility is either a funded fulltime PhD student or an employee at this partner university.

and will be sufficiently excused from coach or other tasks relating to have the capability to totally concentrate on the PhD research study in the South.

This statement should also talk about that the possibility gets a local PhD scholarship or wage for a period of 24 months when handling the PhD at the partner university in the South.

This cofunding is simply suggested for students who want to obtain a (joint) PhD degree at Ghent University.


PhD scholarship at Ghent University (24 months).
24 months of PhD research study will be carried out at the partner university in the South, for which no funding is provided through this scholarship. This part of the research study (24 months) require to be rich (e.g. local PhD scholarship or wage) at the partner company in the South.

The Ghent University promoter gets a bench expense of EUR15440 to cover (part of) the practical expenditures, in addition to part of the travelling expenditures of the student and both the Ghent University and the local promoter.

Duration and start date:.

The earliest start date of the scholarship at Ghent University is 1 October 2019;(*********************)
The possibility gets a scholarship for 24 months to study at Ghent university;(*********************)

24 months of the PhD research/study requirement to be cofinanced at the partner university;(*********************)
Students are needed to divide the Ghent University scholarship into minimum 2 different research study remains in Ghent (North) and need to return a minimum of as quickly as to their home university (South) in between (=’ sandwich- schedule’);(*********************)

A minimum of 12 months of the research study stay in the South requirement to be organized after the extremely first BOF rich stay in Ghent (North)( earliest possible start date of the BOF funding = 1 October 2019).

Applications require to be sent out on the application used this function.
The Research research study Council chooses of the applications based in part on the tips received from members of the Council for Development Cooperation.

the qualifications of the prospect;(*********************)
the doctoral task;(*********************)
the value of the research study topic for development;(*********************)
the scientific/scholarly capability of the promoter’s research study hall( s);(*********************)
the partnership in between Ghent University and the local institute;(*********************)
the scientific/scholarly capability of the local institute.

For Extra Info:.
Go To the Authorities Site of the Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships2019

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