Glasgow University to pay ₤20 m in servant trade reparations

Glasgow University to pay ₤20 m in servant trade reparations

Glasgow University is to pay ₤20 m in reparations to compensate its historic links to the transatlantic servant trade in what the University of West Indies has actually referred to as a “strong, historical” relocation.

It signed a contract with the University of the West Indies to money a joint centre for advancement research study, at an event in Glasgow on Friday early morning.

Glasgow University found in 2015 it had actually benefited economically from Scottish servant traders in the 18 th and 19 th centuries by in between ₤167 m and ₤198 m in today’s loan.

In what is believed to be the very first effort by a British university to establish a program of corrective justice, it has actually vowed to raise ₤20 m for the centre, mainly in research study grants and presents.

Other British universities, consisting of Oxford and Bristol, have been the focus of protests over their ties to the slave trade and to effective colonialists, such as Cecil Rhodes.

In 2017, All Souls College at Oxford introduced a yearly scholarship for Caribbean trainees and paid a ₤100,000 grant to a college in Barbados, in acknowledgment of its financing from Christopher Codrington, a rich servant owner who bestowed ₤10,000 in 1710 to construct a library that bears his name.

The Glasgow arrangement was very first checked in Kingston, Jamaica, on 31 July. Prof Sir Hilary Beckles, the vice-chancellor of the University of the West Indies, stated it was a “strong, ethical, historical action”.