Global Forum 2017: Welcome, edX partners, from all over the world!

Global Forum 2017: Welcome, edX partners, from all over the world!

We are excited to kick off the 2017 edX Global Forum, an event that brings together the entire edX community to explore the future of education.

EdX partners from all over the globe are joining us in Whistler, British Columbia, this week, where edX partner, The University of British Columbia (UBC), is our incredible and gracious host. We are thankful to UBC for bringing the edX community together! The Global Forum is an important moment for all edX partners, as we come together to learn from one another and exchange ideas and views on how we can continue to reinvent education.

The annual edX Global Forum is the interactive and energetic venue where members of this community meet to discuss an important range of topics, from identifying innovative pathways to credit and credentialing for learners worldwide to understanding the ways in which universities and corporations can collaborate to improve learners’ lives and careers.

This is a time for us to reflect on the work we’ve done together in the past five years and to also set audacious goals for the next five years, that will inspire us to continue our mission to increase access to high-quality education for learners everywhere.

We will hear from speakers across the edX global consortium – from the professors who teach edX courses, to the companies that are investing in edX courses for their employees and even from edX learners, who will share how online learning with edX has truly transformed their lives. In addition, Ju-Ho Lee, Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management and former Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, Korea, will deliver the welcoming keynote.

To follow along with us here in Whistler, you can check out #edxglobalforum on Twitter. We look forward to sharing the conversations, trends and exciting developments that emerge as we discuss the future of learning.  

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