Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ UGCS Funding for in your location based jobs (2.000000 UGX grant)


Application Due Date: July 31 st2019
Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ UGCS is utilizing funding for in your location based jobs in the numerous fields of art and culture. 3 selected prospects will get 2.000000 UGX to perform their job in the course of2019
This need jobs targets the following disciplines:.

Visual Arts.
Effectiveness Art.
Digital Arts.
Film/ Video Art.
Poetry/Spoken Word.

Requirements of eligibility:.
Certified jobs need to:.

be led by individuals living in Uganda being 18 years or above.
be performed in Uganda.
fall under amongst the fields of art gone over above.

Special element to think about will be offered to jobs that:.

make use of innovative, entertaining methods in the field of the arts.
unbiased to improve the creative exchange in between artists and numerous art kinds.
address significant issues of Ugandan society.


A task grant amounting to 2.000000 UGX max.
The roofing system terrace or conference room as an area complimentary of charge if desired.
Help in improving the job’s concept, budget strategy and efficiency if needed.

How to utilize:.
Your application requirement to include:.

Concept note/ job description.
Methods for application of the job.
Goal( s) the job is targeting.
Estimated general budget strategy and financing technique.
CV or portfolio of the job’s holder.

For more information:.
Have a look at the Authorities Websites of the Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/ UGCS Funding.

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