Guterres’s message for 2020: In world of chaos, youth are its ‘biggest source’ of hope


Versus the background of consistent inequality, increasing hatred, “a world at war and a warming world”; with environment modification as “a long-lasting issue” and “a clear and present threat”; Secretary-General António Guterres stated in his New Year’s message that “we can not pay for to be the generation that messed while the world burned”.
However “there is likewise hope”, he continued, commemorating the power of youth around the world.

The United Nations stands with you, and comes from you — UN Secretary-General

” From environment action to gender equality to social justice and human rights, your generation is on the frontlines and in the headings”, he stated. “I am motivated by your enthusiasm and decision”.
Keeping in mind that youths are “appropriately requiring a function in forming the future”, he stated: “I am with you”.
” The United Nations stands with you– and comes from you” defined the Secretary-General.
He mentioned that 2020 marks the 75 th anniversary of the Company and stated that “we are introducing a Years of Action for the Sustainable Advancement Goals (SDGs), our plan for a reasonable globalization”..
” This year, the world requires youths” to keep speaking up, believing huge, pressing borders and maintaining the pressure, concluded the Secretary-General dream wants “peace and joy in 2020”..