Handshake Throughout Nigeria


Address by Gen. I.O.S. Nwachukwu (rtd), GCMG CFR COM psc+ mni fniia, at the MUSON Centre, Lagos on Nevember 19,2018

I want to thank the organisers for providing me the special chance to chair the occasion– HANDSHAKE THROUGHOUT NIGERIA– and to engage with knowledgeable noteworthy individuals from varied backgrounds. The timing is advantageous, offered the numerous difficulties challenging our dear nation, Nigeria.

Ike Nwachukwu.

As Nigerians absolutely no into the 2019 General Elections to choose our politicians and agents for the next dispensation, the conservation of Nigeria’s unity in variety, cultures, various linguistics and spiritual faiths and sects, and its sovereignty, to my mind, must be critical. Individuals may vary in their understanding, conditions and methods of attaining this, however the business presence of Nigeria as a country and its survival is operate in development.

While some nations have actually had the ability to very well harness their varieties to enormous benefits, ours tossed up combined outcomes. As a country, we have actually run in fits and starts. Like a candle light in the wind, our methods doubt, such that our cumulative fate as an individuals flutters.

Unhealthy state of affairs.

This unhealthy state of affairs usually make an event of this nature inescapable. More so, in this age of politicking when tough concerns need to be asked and addressed by the political elite, particularly, as it worries the repeating argument of reorganizing Nigeria for the typical good. It is heart-warming to see that the cream of Nigeria’s society, especially, its political class is here to tackle this critical nationwide concern.

I will leave the conversations on the style, “Nigeria Beyond Oil,” persuaded that our pre-eminent Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka will completely engage us on the topic.

I need to applaud the organisers for this effort of constructively questioning the political elite on their strategies, programs and policies for the nation pre- and post-elections. More engaging is the requirement to get their dedication to restructure Nigeria back to a real federation in which the federating systems are self-governing, adding to human capital advancement and paying their taxes to the Federal Federal government.

I attempt state, contrary to the basic belief, that no State in Nigeria is unviable. In truth, none lacks human and mineral resources. Nor is any bereft of land. For that reason, there isn’t any State without the standard requirements for financial and human capital advancement. Some States might have more of such resources than others simply as it remains in the worldwide neighborhood. Nevertheless, the effective Countries have actually utilized their capabilities, through the best political and financial policies, to make themselves rich and effective. They are now recommendation indicate others which stop working to harness their resources and establish them for the typical good of their individuals. Must we return Nigeria to a correct federal constitution that enables the federating systems to utilize their resources unabated, it would be remarkable to see the boom in human capability advancement, financial and clinical changes that Nigerians will witness in the quickest possible time. What is doing not have and holding us down, for that reason, is the liberty to establish those standard requirements to attain extraordinary development and advancement.

Simply as Nigeria goes to the World Bank, IMF, and now China, to protect loans for its tasks, loans which need to be paid back, so likewise can the federating systems approach the Federal Federal government and other richer federating systems to buy their developmental tasks understanding that they will pay back the loans. The example, of the Lagos State and Kebbi State joint rice endeavor vouch for the point being made.

The worry, for that reason, that some Nigerian States will be disadvantaged under this plan would be gotten rid of due to the fact that the Federal Federal government can step in straight or through loans/money to the federating systems to recognize their developmental tasks. States are, for that reason, not most likely to misapply the intervention funds or loans due to the fact that their individuals will increase versus them for trying to misapply their commonwealth, unlike the case today. As a result, joblessness, agitations from ethnic groups, revolt, kidnappings, heist, routine killings and so on will be cut to the barest minimum or might be a distant memory.

May I, point that the Nigeria that I explained would not just be among a handshake with one another however that of a substantial accept with one another, which will stop the worry of supremacy, and reproduce healthy competitors, respectability, tolerance, love, and get rid of the trust deficit among our leaders and individuals. It will even improve the adherence to the Guideline of Law and reduce corruption to a big level.

As we get ready for the General Elections, it concerns advise members of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that theirs is a spiritual trust. Though selected by the federal government, they are accountable to individuals of Nigeria. To make INEC genuinely independent, there is the requirement to evaluate the system of designating its members. In the U.K, for example, the Speaker’s Committee selects the Electoral Officers drawn from the political celebrations. Currently, of the overall 10 members, selected and Ex officio, there are 4 (4) Conservatives, 3 (3) Labour and one Scottish Nationalist (omitting the Speaker). The body reports to the Parliament and not to the Prime Minister, thus making them genuinely independent and representative. The Chairman isn’t selected by the Prime Minister however by the Speaker’s Committee thus insulating him or her from any direct impact by the Prime Minister and in our case, the President or anybody acting upon behalf of the President. Nigeria needs to do the very same.

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Improving the excellent conduct.

For the upcoming General Elections, INEC need to focus on improving the excellent conduct of the 2015 General Elections by Prof. Attahiru Jega and his members.

At this moment, might I prompt our Presidential, Gubernatorial, National and State Assemblies prospects to accept quietly the decision of Nigerians at the surveys due to the fact that Nigeria is larger than our political, ethnic, cultural, spiritual and sectarian distinctions.

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Lastly, we anticipate the finalizing of the “Short article of Faith on Restructuring of Nigeria by Political Celebrations.” The main function of which is to make sure typical concurred concepts towards the promo of peace, unity and development and to promote the increase of resource generation from non-oil sector where upon all federating systems of Nigeria will be complimentary to produce and use their resources for the typical good.

Thank you




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